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On sell­ing his fash­ion busi­ness in 1996 Thomas Sch­mitz bought a 964 911 RS, which led to him es­tab­lish­ing him­self in Nord Rhein West­falen in north west Ger­many as a spe­cial­ist in “light­weight” Porsches. None­the­less he rec­om­mends you buy the Porsche you love, not the one you hope will ap­pre­ci­ate most

How long have you been in the Porsche busi­ness? Since 1996 as a proper, full­time busi­ness sell­ing Porsches (af­ter I sold my fash­ion dis­tri­bu­tion com­pany), but as a Porsche driver and hobby trader since 1992.

What Porsches do you spe­cialise in? Ba­si­cally very high qual­ity cars from the low pro­duc­tion, spe­cial air-cooled se­ries like the RS, RSR, Turbo 3.6, Turbo S light­weight and GT2. But re­cently we have also been of­fer­ing spe­cial water-cooled mod­els like the 996 and 997 GT3 and GT2. What’s your cheap­est, and most ex­pen­sive Porsche presently in stock? The cheap­est is a great 1997 993 Car­rera S in man­ual form and with 95,700km (59,800 miles), built to or­der for a Porsche fac­tory man­ager in a spe­cial paint colour/in­te­rior com­bi­na­tion (black metal­lic over co­gnac brown). It’s priced at €99,000 (about £88,000). Our most ex­pen­sive is one of only 21 993 GT2 Evo road cars from 1998, in glacier white (only two were made in this colour) and with 20,700km (12,900 miles). We’re ask­ing €1.55m (£1.38m). What would you rec­om­mend as the best “first Porsche” to buy? A very dif­fi­cult ques­tion, and for us al­most im­pos­si­ble to answer. From my point of view it needs to be an air-cooled model for an owner to un­der­stand and feel what Porsche really is about. A 911 Car­rera 3.2 from the 1980s is bul­let-proof and not too ex­pen­sive, so I would rec­om­mend that, even although there are more ex­otic and ex­cit­ing mod­els out there – you should come to th­ese later in your Porsche ca­reer. Where do you get your stock from? As a re­sult of hard work search­ing the mar­ket ex­haus­tively, from old cus­tomers, via rec­om­men­da­tion from cus­tomers, and col­lec­tors and friends. What war­ranty do you give? None! We sell se­ri­ously good cars which are to­tally checked over and ser­viced at Porsche be­fore they leave for the new owner. If some­thing hap­pens af­ter­wards I don’t run away or find silly ex­cuses – I sort it out! That’s our kind of war­ranty. What’s ‘hot’ at the­mo­ment? Very high qual­ity, low-mileage cars for col­lec­tors, and on the other side, rac­ing cars with race his­tory. What’s best value at the mo­ment? From my point of view it is what your heart tells you and what you really want, as you can never lose that way. Even if the car’s mar­ket value goes down you will still have en­joy­ment and fun in your Porsche life. That is the most im­por­tant thing and can’t be bought by the dol­lar, pound ster­ling or euro.

Name cars you re­cently sold that you would hap­pily have kept for your­self Al­most ev­ery 964 RS, 993 RS or 964 Turbo S and 993 GT2 I’ve sold in the last two to three years, but espe­cially a pale yel­low 993 GT2 and a white 964 RSR 3.8 as well as a mint green 964 RS 3.8 Club­sport. What car do you drive ev­ery­day? Hon­estly? A new Range Rover 4.4 diesel. Porsches are fun and hobby cars for me. What are your plans for the fu­ture? That very much de­pends on what my son Robin and my daugh­ter Elena want to do. If one of them want to con­tinue my busi­ness and run it, I will stand by their side to help and work with them. Oth­er­wise I may sell the busi­ness in a cou­ple of years’ time and try to stay healthy, en­joy life and drive air­cooled Porsches! Con­tact Thomas J. Sch­mitz German Sports Cars Gmbh Gildeweg 5 48291 Tel­gte Ger­many +49 2504 2741 ger­mans­

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