Ed­i­tor Ben­nett pe­ruses the ar­chives of 911 & Porsche World from days gone by. What’s changed? That will be ev­ery­thing and noth­ing...

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Jour­ney through 911&PW’S past

Apacked front cover for this, the Oc­to­ber 2011 is­sue, although a clear lead­ing story in the form of ‘Ris­ing stars.’ The premise was sim­ple, if slightly risky, as we dusted off the 911&PW crys­tal ball to pre­dict fu­ture mar­ket trends and which 911s would be the next big thing. In other words, Porsches that were still af­ford­able! And credit, where credit is due, I think we were pretty much spot on, with our five cars, which were, in no par­tic­u­lar or­der: 911 2.0 SWB, 911SC, 930 Turbo, 964 C2/C4 and 996 GT3. True, some have per­formed bet­ter than oth­ers. The 996 GT3, for ex­am­ple, still seems to be lan­guish­ing in­ex­pli­ca­bly, but it’s still a good £20k up on its 2011 val­ues, while the no­tion that the 911S 2.0 SWB car that we drove was on the mar­ket at £26,000 is crazy in to­day’s mar­ket. We noted that ‘SCS have hov­ered around the £10,000 mark for a long time, but very good ones are now £15k+’ while the meat of the 930 Turbo mar­ket was £20–£40,000 and ‘ex­tra­or­di­nary value.’ And as for 964s? Well, £15,000 was still re­al­is­tic for a half de­cent car and really good C2 man­u­als breach­ing £20k. This lit­tle lot truly were the last of the af­ford­able 911s and if you bought into the mar­ket at this point, then you did well.

Also on the front cover was the new 991 model 911 in all its glory, which would be in UK show­rooms for Christ­mas. I know, it still seems like a new car doesn’t it, but re­mem­ber, in the 991’s life­time it’s gone from a nor­mally as­pi­rated 911 to pretty much full turbo across the range, and launched ever quicker and wilder ver­sions of the GT mod­els. And, as noted in the news pages of this is­sue, it con­tin­ues to sell in ever greater numbers. The 992 is just around the cor­ner. In­deed, some very spe­cial jour­nal­ists and ‘in­flu­encers’ have al­ready driven it and we’ll bring you the full story just as soon as the em­bargo is lifted, or some­one leaks it on to the in­ter­web of truth.

In the mean­time, turn to the Oc­to­ber 2011 clas­si­fieds and bag your­self a 964 C2 for £12,000.

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