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1,300 shop­pers and busi­ness own­ers de­mand re­open­ing of Peel Street toi­lets... and they are sup­ported by 120 lo­cal busi­ness own­ers (web­site and Ob­server, Septem­ber 1) Sarah About time band Shor­rock: I took my two year old son up to go to the toi­let.

Didn’t re­alise they had closed.

The woman from a kiosk was walk­ing up and said oh no there’s no toi­lets hear any­more.

She then went in her pocket and got a key for the dis­abled toi­let next to it and went in.

To­tally ig­nor­ing the fact my lit­tle boy was al­most in tears try­ing to hold it.

She could have quite eas­ily have let him go but in­stead I had to drag him all the way around to the mar­ket and up the stairs. Dave Wear­den: They have been told by the coun­cil not to let the public use that toi­let or they lose the right to use it. Lots of peo­ple use the wall round the side. Sarah About­time­band Shor­rock: Just another money sav­ing scheme by coun­cil Dave Wear­den: Worth point­ing out to that its no longer a dis­abled toi­let. It was taken out of ser­vice when the toi­lets closed. Sarah Jayne Hop­kin­son: What’s the point in hav­ing toi­lets there if they are closed.

What if peo­ple can’t make it to the Arn­dale and I could be wrong but aren’t the toi­lets up­stairs in the mar­ket hall ?

Hard to get to if you’ve a pram and chil­dren. What ex­actly do we pay our coun­cil tax for..... Shan­non Yates: My child al­most wet him­self to­day and couldn’t have made it to the mar­ket toi­lets so I had to pay £1.70 for a brew so that he could use their toi­let.

Even if they put gates or some­thing on the toi­lets where you had to pay a small fee, it’s better than not hav­ing them and I’m sure peo­ple wouldn’t pay just to van­dalise? Paul Vaughan: Many towns have a scheme where lo­cal cafes, pubs etc of­fer the use of fa­cil­i­ties for free. A per­cent­age of these peo­ple in­vari­ably end up spend­ing money. I re­mem­ber these toi­lets as be­ing dirty drug dens.

I’d rather spend a penny in Wether­spoons or the mar­ket and not have pur­ple lights to deal with. Ur­sula Vasey-Gra­ham: There is a dis­abled toi­let in the mar­ket hall which re­quires a key. How­ever, there are stan­dard toi­lets there too. You can go up the stairs or use the lift, which­ever you pre­fer. Janelle Dee: Use the toi­lets in the mall. Not dif­fi­cult. They’ll only get van­dalised if opened again. Neil Perry: Don’t usu­ally go in to town that way, need to go but they were closed. Had to go across town. Imag­ine a young child or old and in­con­ti­nent. Not ideal! Steven Gra­ham: Spend £2mil­lion in front of the town hall, have the ball­room re­fur­bished. Yet close the toi­lets that’s HBC for you. Lee Bat­trick: I wash my hands of this town Satana Bloom: Didn’t even know they were toi­lets on Peel Street and I’ve lived here two years. Elaine Duxbury: Ac­cring­ton town cen­tre is a joke only go down if I have to not a patch on how it used to be. Mo­hammed Iqbal: Yes agree, should open Peel St toi­lets. An­nie Car­lin: Yes they should open the toi­lets in Peel Street.

THREE chil­dren un­der EIGHT caught play­ing on Ac­cring­ton rail­way lines (web­site and Ob­server Septem­ber 1) Julie Scott: This made my blood run cold, sorry but surely eight year olds should not be any where near the train sta­tion, I can’t get my head around this at all! Karen Al­lan: Shouldn’t be out wan­der­ing the streets on their own at that age. When found the par­ents should be brought to ac­count. Ja­son Mcmil­lan: It says the chil­dren were spo­ken to in front of their par­ents.. Shouldn’t it have been the par­ents that got a good speak­ing to? Tracy Ann Wil­liams: Un­der the age of eight you would think the par­ents would be watch­ing them.

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