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Small and in­de­pen­dent busi­nesses in Hyn­d­burn hit by a huge hike in their busi­ness rates are set to share in a six-fig­ure coun­cil re­lief scheme. (web­site, Septem­ber 29) Stu­art Mcdon­ald: Say good­bye to the few re­main­ing in­de­pen­dent shops left Na­dine Alder­son: What was I say­ing? All goes back to the coun­cils. The gov­ern­ment they are push­ing the area into poverty! Jodie Travis: The gov­ern­ment brought about a reval­u­a­tion of the rates. Some busi­nesses lose out. There­fore a find has been set up na­tion­wide to be dis­trib­uted lo­cally to those busi­nesses with the largest hikes. Says it all in the ar­ti­cle. James Good­win: Prob­a­bly to pay for that pave­ment that is not needed Ca­role Tay­lor: Just what strug­gling busi­nesses in the area need!

PO­LICE sting catches ded­i­cated com­mu­nity vol­un­teer who thought he was talk­ing to 13-year-old girl (web­site, Septem­ber 29) Kam­ran Khan: It’s high time a more strin­gent pun­ish­ment than a jail sen­tence is put in place. Far too many on the streets. I fear for the fu­ture of our chil­dren.

CAT owner says pets not safe af­ter three killed on roads and another shot by an air gun (Septem­ber 28) Diana Cleeve-Evans: Its so sad to hear about all these poor de­fence­less cats, used as tar­get prac­tice by one sick in­di­vid­ual with ob­vi­ously only one brain cell and to­tally de­void of any com­pas­sion. It’s com­pletely alien to right think­ing peo­ple. Gary M Hough: Our cat was re­cently knocked down and had to be put to sleep, ei­ther on Burn­ley Road or nearby - un­for­tu­nately cats that go out­doors are use­less at us­ing pedes­trian cross­ings - plus they can’t reach the but­ton to press it ei­ther. Jackie Raw­stron: Folk re­ally need to be more wor­ried that some­one is walk­ing round with an air ri­fle shoot­ing an­i­mals, let’s hope it’s not a child next eh? Alix Dick­in­son: My first cat was knocked down last year (first male). Will miss Salem for­ever. Sweet boy. My heart goes out to you all. Diane Bald­win: They need to bring a law out to pro­tect them poor an­i­mals.

A MUL­TI­PLE oc­cu­pancy house to help the home­less was ap­proved de­spite a pe­ti­tion (web­site, Septem­ber 28) Vicky Grif­fin: This lot need to give their heads a wob­ble. They all need to ex­pe­ri­ence sleep­ing rough. Maybe just maybe they will have a change of heart. In this day and age peo­ple shouldn’t be sleep­ing on the streets in all weath­ers. Maybe they should go and talk to these rough sleep­ers and get their story as to why they are home­less. Even if they do have drug prob­lems, some­thing has caused them to go down that road. Pos­si­bly men­tal health. Its about help­ing these peo­ple off the streets. Give them some­where to live, they then would be able to work on get­ting their lives back with SUP­PORT. Then back in to work. Have this lot even thought about do­ing vol­un­tary work with the home­less, ob­vi­ously not. Re­search first be­fore dis­crim­i­nat­ing peo­ple that have alot less than your­selves. No­body asks to be home­less. Ju­dith Ad­di­son: I was on the Plan­ning Com­mit­tee. None of the doc­u­men­ta­tion nor the 5 minute pre­sen­ta­tion by the de­vel­oper made any ref­er­ence to the ac­com­mo­da­tion be­ing for home­less peo­ple. Plan­ning Ap­pli­ca­tion 11/17/0301 was en­ti­tled “Change of use from ware­house/ work­shop (B8) to 17 bed HMO (C4) with new open­ings.” From a plan­ning view­point, the ap­pli­ca­tion re­lated to con­ver­sion of a ware­house to a House in Mul­ti­ple Oc­cu­pa­tion, i.e. bed­sits. Who the ac­com­mo­da­tion was in­tended for wasn’t deemed to be of rel­e­vance for plan­ning pur­poses. In­for­ma­tive Note 8 at the end of the De­ci­sion No­tice says, “The House in Mul­ti­ple Oc­cu­pa­tion hereby ap­proved will re­quire a Li­cence un­der the Hous­ing Act 2004 which is is­sued by Hyn­d­burn Bor­ough Coun­cil as the Lo­cal Hous­ing Au­thor­ity.” One of the “statu­tory con­sul­tees” on the ap­pli­ca­tion was the Coun­cil’s Hous­ing Strat­egy & Pol­icy Man­ager. Her writ­ten com­ments stated that there was lit­tle de­tailed in­for­ma­tion in the ap­pli­ca­tion and that pos­si­bly the rooms were too small. She also stated that there was no in­for­ma­tion on the pro­posed use of the ac­com­mo­da­tion, e.g. what age group it was in­tended for, whether the rooms were for rent or sale and whether the fa­cil­ity would be used as “sup­ported ac­com­mo­da­tion”. She said that man­age­ment of the build­ing was an is­sue and asked whether there would be a man­ager on site. She stated that whilst this might not be a plan­ning is­sue it was of “sig­nif­i­cant con­cern”. Another “statu­tory con­sul­tee” was HBC’s En­vi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Man­ager. He sup­plied a Guide for Land­lords of HMOs out­lin­ing the amenity and space stan­dards that would be ex­pected. He said it was dif­fi­cult to tell from the in­for­ma­tion sub­mit­ted whether all the rooms com­plied with the space stan­dard.

FAM­ILY hit by third theft in 12 months af­ter ‘lowlives’ tar­get van. Fed up Ruth Whit­tle and An­thony Thorpe shared CCTV on so­cial me­dia fol­low­ing the break in (web­site, Septem­ber 27) Mandi Fran­k­land: I had my house bur­gled 3 times in one year. Once on Xmas day. Could never af­ford to re­place what I had worked hard for. Jarvis Henry: This is sad, I guess these thieves de­serve to mop the At­lantic Ocean for the rest of their lives. Joanne Black­more: This is aw­ful, such a lovely fam­ily too. Hope they catch the lowlife scum­bags xx Nigel Dut­ton: I had my re­cov­ery truck stolen and it ended up in Ac­cring­ton, scum­bags. Jade Thorpe: Dis­gust­ing. Can’t have noth­ing these days! Mand Stozy Jnr Re­mind me again why we pay coun­cil tax?

NEW plans have been un­veiled for £2m sports hub at Higham’s Play­ing Fields (web­site Septem­ber 26) John Brindle: Looks fan­tas­tic, some­where for the kids to train in a multi sports venue. Should be a great as­set to the area. This sort of project works well in other towns and brings in rev­enue. Of course you won’t please ev­ery­one. Lisa Hack­ing: That’s bril­liant! There’s not enough fa­cil­i­ties for young peo­ple to prac­tise and play sports. Wish we had the same where I lived. Ev­ery win­ter it’s a strug­gle to find a pitch for the ju­nior teams to prac­tise on. There sim­ply isn’t enough to go around. Com­bats anti so­cial be­hav­iour if there’s places chil­dren can use at night. They’re more likely to get in­volved rather than cause prob­lems. Just need to make sure the lights are turned off when not in use and there’s ex­tra places to park for vis­i­tors. Steven Lee Hack­ing: Good for kids but not for the res­i­dents Lisa Hack­ing: There’s al­ways go­ing to be some­thing less than per­fect, but it might even cre­ate some rev­enue or jobs for the town... Thomas Lind­say: I’d rather have a few more cars drive down my street than teenagers out­side on a week­end. Cather­ine Louise Finn: One in three houses has dogs.. I per­son­ally and a gain­ing num­ber of younger peo­ple have no plans on hav­ing chil­dren so per­son­ally this does noth­ing for me or my fam­ily. Thomas Lind­say: How are lights bad? I bought my house and one of the pos­i­tive is its right un­der a street light, my bet­ter half gets out of her car on a dark night into a well lit area and walks to the door in a well lit area. Surely hav­ing a well lit street is a great thing with young ones about Cather­ine Louise Finn: The lights from Stan­ley blind you if you’re walk­ing up at the cop­pice af­ter dark... Neil Mooney: With the amount of elec­tric­ity flood lights use I can’t see them be­ing on when not needed Josh Wood­stock: About 100m fur­ther down Thor­ney­holme road is a fenced off area of waste­land ideal for dog walk­ing which leads to wood­land fur­ther down. Rob Rus­sell: That’s the point all these dog walk­ers and low im­pact jog­gers are miss­ing, it’s not 100 yards be­fore the next, more suit­able venue ap­pears. Michael Larner: I have kids, but even if I didn’t I’d ap­plaud some­thing for kids to do. If kids have fa­cil­i­ties to ex­pend their youth­ful en­ergy then anti so­cial be­hav­iour goes down. This has been proven time and time again in towns all over the coun­try. Yvonne Pilk­ing­ton: We’ve al­ready got Ac­cring­ton academy and sports cen­tre. Hollins are cry­ing out for it, cause there’s noth­ing up there. I live around Thor­ney­home and I don’t want the hub. It will spoil the area and in­crease traf­fic and noise. Rachel Louise Hargreaves: It’s good for the chil­dren I’m sorry it’s about keep­ing kids of the streets to be fair so it’s a great idea x Steven Lee Hack­ing: That will go down like a dog toi­let for the lo­cals. Traf­fic. Noise light­ing. Poor peo­ple hav­ing to put up with that. Shame on you Hyn­d­burn Coun­cil Jac Latham: Looks amaz­ing. Be a great ad­di­tion to Ac­cring­ton. I’m a foot­baller par­ent so it would be hugely ben­e­fi­cial to my chil­dren. Jonathan Holden Green­wood: I re­ally don’t un­der­stand why peo­ple are against this. Walk your dog some­where else. Ian Green­wood: Looks good

An artist’s im­pres­sion of what the new Higham’s Play­ing Fields sports

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