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1. What is the Latin name for Switzer­land?

A Hel­ve­tia B Oc­ta­vian C Grapius D Aure­lius

2. Which Welsh poet wrote the ra­dio play Un­der Milk Wood?

A TS Eliot B Dy­lan Thomas C WH Au­den D Don­ald Davie

3. Which pop­u­lar tidy char­ac­ters were cre­ated by Elis­a­beth Beres­ford?

A The Wombles B The Twee­nies C The Tele­tub­bies D The Wurzels

4. In which county is Dart­moor?

A Devon B Der­byshire C York­shire D Corn­wall

5. Which Coronation Street char­ac­ter was played by El­iz­a­beth Dawn?

A Vera Duck­worth B Bet Lynch C Mavis Duck­worth D Rita Fair­clough

6. Which 19th Cen­tury Gothic writer is played by Elle Fan­ning in a new pe­riod-drama film?

A Mary Shel­ley B Emily Brontë C Char­lotte Brontë D Ge­orge Eliot

7. Which Ital­ian mod­ern art move­ment was ini­ti­ated by Marinetti?

A Tachisme B Pop Art C Fu­tur­ism D Naïve Art

8. How long ap­prox­i­mately is Route 66?

A 600 miles B 4 500 miles C 6 600 miles D 2 200 miles

9. Which cricket team beat Pak­istan, ef­fec­tively knock­ing them out of the 2007 ICC World Cup?

A Ire­land B Bangladesh C Holland D Scot­land

10. What style of mu­sic is mu­si­cian Herb Alpert fa­mous in?

A Jazz B Coun­try C Rock D Clas­si­cal

11. Who scored Eng­land’s first goal of the 1998 World Cup Fi­nals?

A Alan Shearer B Michael Owen C Teddy Sher­ing­ham D Andy Cole

12. The peso is the na­tional cur­rency of which coun­try?

A Spain B Por­tu­gal C Peru D Bo­livia

13. Who played Sgt. Har­riet Make­peace in Dempsey and Make­peace?

A Gly­nis Thomas B Gly­nis Bar­ber C Gly­nis Eu­nace D Gly­nis Phillips

14. What sort of crea­ture is a gerenuk?

A An an­te­lope B A frog C A cat D A snake

15. Who was king of Great Bri­tain and Ire­land when the Amer­i­can colonies were lost?

A Charles II B Ge­orge II C Ge­orge III D Wil­liam IV

Elle Fan­ning See Ques­tion 6.

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