Doc in Turkey butchered me

Mum tells of cos­metic surgery or­deal

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A Gart­cosh mum says her body was left “butchered and mu­ti­lated” af­ter a for­eign sur­geon lured her to Turkey with the prom­ise of free cos­metic pro­ce­dures.

Lorna John­ston trav­elled to Is­tan­bul for breast re­duc­tion surgery and li­po­suc­tion.

But the botched boob job re­sulted in her breasts be­ing big­ger than be­fore – and one of them “burst­ing”.

And the com­pli­ca­tions didn’t end there as Lorna was left with a painful fatty lump the size of a pear on her right leg af­ter the li­po­suc­tion also back­fired.

The emo­tional 41-year-old said: “My body was un­recog­nis­able.

“I was in agony and it has taken me months to re­cover. I’ve been left very badly scarred.”

Lorna de­cided to share shock­ing images of her in­juries in a bid to warn oth­ers of the dan­gers of head­ing abroad for cut-price surgery.

The mum-of-three flew to Turkey 17 months ago af­ter be­ing of­fered the free work in ex­change for rec­om­mend­ing the clinic to oth­ers on her re­turn home.

Lorna ex­plained: “The idea was I’d get free surgery and then come back and re­fer other peo­ple.

“I didn’t want much done. I was a size eight at the time so was just look­ing for a lit­tle lipo to make me look trim­mer.

“I also wanted a boob re­duc­tion to a C cup, but the sur­geon took me from a 34DD to a 34E.

“The lipo also went badly wrong and I was left with un­sightly lumps ev­ery­where.

“One was like an ex­tra knee – a pear­shaped lump on my up­per thigh. It was hor­ri­ble.”

Lorna met her sur­geon be­fore go­ing un­der the knife. She said: “I spoke with him and I felt con­fi­dent he would do a good job.

“But when I woke up, the lan­guage bar­rier was dif­fi­cult and the nurses couldn’t un­der­stand what I was say­ing. There was lit­er­ally no af­ter­care. I was only kept there a few days and then sent back to Scot­land.

“I de­vel­oped a re­ally bad in­fec­tion in my right breast. I had no idea stitches had been left in but by that point three weeks had passed and they had be­come em­bed­ded in my skin.

“My breast split un­der­neath where the in­ci­sion had been made, right in the mid­dle, and I was cov­ered in sores.

“I was in agony and be­came re­ally un­well. I went to my GP and was given strong an­tibi­otics.

“I got in touch with the sur­geon and clinic on Face­book. They were full of prom­ises to fix things but they never came through with any­thing.”

Lorna, a di­rec­tor of an es­tate agents in Glas­gow, claims the surgery de­stroyed her con­fi­dence. She said: “I was very self-con­scious and felt very, very down about it.

“I couldn’t wear a skirt be­cause my legs looked so bad with all the lumps.”

Lorna’s body was such a mess that she was forced to seek cor­rec­tive surgery at Cosmedi­care in Glas­gow last week. It cost her £2200 to fix the botched lipo pro­ce­dure.

She said: “That was a very big de­ci­sion for me but it was money well spent. The sur­geon, Dr Daniel Wid­dow­son, did a bril­liant job and I’m de­lighted with the re­sults.

“Af­ter all I have gone through, I was ob­vi­ously ap­pre­hen­sive about go­ing un­der the knife again but, thank­fully, it’s all been done prop­erly now.

“I had a litre- and- a- half of fat taken out of the places treated in Turkey and they dis­cov­ered that con­gealed fat cells had been left and caused the lumps.

“Now my legs and stom­ach are smooth and look­ing much bet­ter.”

Con­sul­tant plas­tic and re­con­struc­tive sur­geon Wid­dow­son de­scribed Lorna’s or­deal as a “clas­sic case of surgery gone wrong abroad”.

He said: “We have seen so many dev­as­tat­ing cases of surgery abroad – when of­ten the pa­tients have spent all of their sav­ings – that we’ve launched an ini­tia­tive within Cosmedi­care that aims to pro­vide af­ford­able re­pairs to pa­tients who have had bad ex­pe­ri­ences that are not treat­able within the NHS.

“Cos­metic tourism is still a pop­u­lar choice for peo­ple but prob­lems of­ten arise when they re­turn home to no proper af­ter­care.

Lorna is fac­ing fur­ther ex­pen­sive cor­rec­tive surgery on her breasts to re­move the un­sightly scar tis­sue she has been left with.

She said: “I deeply re­gret hav­ing the work done abroad. When I look at pic­tures of me be­fore the surgery, I re­alise I didn’t need it.

“I went to Turkey on the prom­ise of fan­tas­tic free surgery but it turned into a com­plete night­mare and it has cost me thou­sands of pounds to have their mis­takes fixed.

“If any­one is think­ing of go­ing un­der the knife, do it here. Abroad, the hos­pi­tal you are shown is very nice and clean but in my ex­pe­ri­ence it is the af­ter­care where it all falls apart.

“Two days af­ter they op­er­ate on you, you are packed off home – and it is dur­ing that pe­riod when you are at most risk of dan­ger­ous in­fec­tion.”

Agony Lorna was left “butchered and mu­ti­lated” fol­low­ing plas­tic surgery from a doc­tor in Turkey

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