Re­flec­tions on Brexit

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Dear Ed­i­tor, Some in the Labour and trade union move­ment are fail­ing to voice work­ers’ in­ter­ests in the Brexit de­bate.

Se­cur­ing ac­cess to the sin­gle mar­ket need not mean ca­pit­u­lat­ing to the treaties, di­rec­tives and in­sti­tu­tions of the Euro­pean Union, which serve the in­ter­ests of the cap­i­tal­ist mo­nop­o­lies.

Nu­mer­ous coun­tries trade with the EU with­out giv­ing up their right to de­cide their own trade, fi­nan­cial, in­dus­trial or im­mi­gra­tion poli­cies.

Most of British big busi­ness wants to stay as closely aligned as pos­si­ble with the sin­gle mar­ket be­cause its free move­ment rules, to­gether with com­pa­nies’right to op­er­ate in any coun­try they choose, en­ables them to max­imise profit.

EU treaties and di­rec­tives will be used to im­pede a fu­ture left-wing Labour govern­ment’s pro­gramme to boost in­fra­struc­ture, take en­ergy, rail­ways and the Royal Mail back into pub­lic own­er­ship, ex­tend state aid to in­dus­try, pre­vent im­port “dump­ing,”pro­mote re­gional devel­op­ment and reg­u­late pub­lic-sec­tor con­tracts in favour of union recog­ni­tion, equal op­por­tu­ni­ties, train­ing and tax com­pli­ance.

A string of Euro­pean Court rul­ings re­strict the rights of elected gov­ern­ments and trade unions to pro­tect im­ported, out­sourced or re­dun­dant work­ers.

The al­ter­na­tive to the EU sin­gle mar­ket is not dereg­u­lated mar­kets, cheap and flex­i­ble labour and free trade agree­ments.

The Labour move­ment should pro­mote a third op­tion be­yond the EU and global ne­olib­er­al­ism.

Com­mu­nists be­lieve the peo­ple of Bri­tain need pub­lic in­vest­ment and own­er­ship, eco­nomic plan­ning, col­lec­tive bar­gain­ing and fair im­mi­gra­tion in­stead of “Fortress Europe”and su­per-ex­ploita­tion of mi­grant work­ers. John Camp­bell, Sec­re­tary, La­nark­shire Com­mu­nist Party

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