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Produced in partnershi­p with UK Government Fantastic plan for free kids’ fun including a daily toddler club with magic, music and wellbeing. “I remember for the first one we were watching the numbers, starting at 40, then 80, then 1,000 – in the end there were 10,200 people watching live,” adds Tommy. That spiralled to doing 25 free live shows a week to thousands of kids. “We had so much fun with it,” says Ricky. “We did a 24-hour live party with performers doing an hour each. And then we decided to do a Christmas Day on the 25th of May. “I think we just thought, ‘We’re kind of all stuck indoors, no one knows what day it is, so why not have a Christmas Day?’.” Now the pair are looking forward to getting their popular parties up and running again, with safety measures in place. without gardens or lots of things to do. Or maybe they were worried about their jobs or couldn’t work and didn’t have any money.” So they came up with the idea of giving free entertainm­ent online, Tommy Balaam and Ricky Fox, aka Captain Fantastic, have been bringing fun to kids during lockdown. Running children’s parties and glow-in-the-dark discos has been a real success for Tommy, and when coronaviru­s hit, the fun didn’t stop. The Essex pair, who were putting on 200 parties a month, admit they had a tough time when bookings were cancelled but they were also worried for families. “We were thinking about how can we just keep things going in this time, and give ourselves something to do,” says Tommy. “And give something to all these families who were suddenly trapped inside, maybe For more inspiring stories visit greatbrita­­ns HOME FROM HOME Cathedral House quickly formed a team to help NHS staff starting with takeaways on July 4, and Laura hopes to make use of their generous outdoor space. The boutique hotel is big on little touches, such as fresh flowers in the rooms, comfortabl­e beds and lovely linen and toiletries. And, as the McKenzie family have proved during the crisis, the warmest hospitalit­y in town. See cathedralh­ouseglasgo­ with the response from NHS staff. “We’ve had so many thank-you cards, emails and nice comments for people at the hospital,” she says. “I hope that once we get back to some level of normality the staff will come in on Friday night for a drink. Being in a city, it is just like neighbours helping each other and it’s a nice position to be in.” Now Cathedral House is beginning to open up to the public once again,  to get doctors and nurses to work people who jumped on their bikes. As a company, it made us feel proud. And that’s really important, particular­ly when you’re working through a coronaviru­s lockdown – it was pretty tough and a bit lonely.” dreams,” says Will. “It’s become so big that there’s stuff happening way beyond us and our 800 bikes. “It made us feel good and the NHS staff loved it. You’ll see wonderful things on Twitter with Sports said celebritie­s including cycling champ Chris Froome, and pop stars Mel C and Bruno Mars were willing to do a static sponsored bike ride to help out. “The campaign went beyond our wildest PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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