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6 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, JULY 29, 2020 News Garrison rebuild is complete By STEPHEN LLOYD Garrison rebuild fact box @FleetNandM 35-year contract awarded on March 31 2006 to Aspire Defence Ltd (ends in 2041); Constructi­on in Aldershot began in May 2006; First key milestone – Wellington House, Aldershot Garrison HQ in October 2007; Initially provided 101 new buildings, 24 refurbishe­d, 10 altered and 151 demolition­s; Aldershot constructi­on has an approximat­e value of £390m; Under the ABP announced in 2016, Aspire Defence has been contracted to deliver new and improved infrastruc­ture for an additional 4,000 incoming service personnel at garrisons across Salisbury Plain and at Aldershot, worth £1.1m. n ALDERSHOT Garrison’s major rebuild has finally come to an end. The town was one of several garrison in the UK which undertook a massive transforma­tion as a result of the Army Basing Programme (ABP) initiative, which began in 2016 following the Strategic Defence Review. Burma House, a new annex at the Wavell Officers’ and Warrant Officers’ Mess in Wavell Barracks, was the final element of the project and was completed three months early. To mark the occasion, a small gathering took place attended by Aspire Defence Limited chief executive Allan Thomson, Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) managing director Mark Carr, ADSL operations director east Aidan Murphy, deputy commander reserves 11 Infantry Brigade and south east Colonel Ian Adkins, Aldershot Garrison Commander Lieutenant Colonel Paddy Baines, and Aldershot MP Leo Docherty. Lt Col Baines thanked Aspire for n n n Junior Doctor Officer Cadet Rhiannon Austin from the Army Medical Services Support Unit, was the first to receive the keys for her new room in Burma House n PICTURES: CORPORAL ROB KANE n ini “There are about eight of us initially moving in, which is great. It will mean we can all be together which is really important, as we’ve become a real unit since Covid-19.” Speaking after the event, Lt Col Baines said: “Aspire Deference Services have delivered the project not only to a very high standard, but also three months ahead of time. “This was a fantastic achievemen­t, especially when you consider the restrictio­ns imposed by Covid-19. Aldershot Garrison is growing all the time and we will benefit hugely from Haw Farnboroug­h, Blackwater and Hawley, cut the ribbon and unveiled a silver plaque with the building’s name on it. He also handed over the first annex room key to Junior Doctor Officer Cadet Rhiannon Austin from the Army Medical Services Support Unit, who is currently working at Frimley Park Hospital. She said: “It’s great to see the new building, which will soon be my home. I’ve just had a good look round for the first time which is really nice, it looks impressive and I am eager to move in. its timely efforts on delivering the project, before Mr Thompson talked about its achievemen­ts. He said: “This building is just one example of the modern high-quality infrastruc­ture we have delivered here and across Salisbury Plain to support the ABP. “This accommodat­ion block provides 50 new single en-suite bedrooms for soldiers, the last such building of a project that has provided around 2,400 bedrooms across the Aspire Defence estate.” Mr Docherty, who also covers having this additional Mess capacity. I would like to convey my thanks to Aspire Defence Limited and everyone involved in the project for delivering such a high standard of accommodat­ion.” PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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