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21 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 SPOTLIGHT I had to record my podcast in the wardrobe during lockdown SHOW BUZZ ALL THE LATEST FROM THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINM­ENT how much I missed science. I started out as tech presenter on YouTube and then started presenting natural science on the BBC and realised it meant so much and now I put those passions together. I’ve always wanted the career I now have, but in terms of looking ahead five years it is very difficult because things are changing all the time and there are different challenges. Something new and exciting could come along and I could be presenting a virtual reality adventure show. The thing that I’m passionate about is encouragin­g young people who want to learn to go out there and explore their world. As long as I can continue to do that on whatever platform or medium I’ll be happy. Podcasts are child’s play for Bafta awardwinni­ng children’s TV presenter Maddie Moate. learns how she is making science cool for kids Have you been giving parents a hand with home schooling over the last few months? Imelda Staunton as Irene Ruddock in A Lady Of Letters MY fiancé Greg (fellow BBC presenter Greg Foot) and I started doing a live show on YouTube right on the first day of lockdown. It was a half hour live science show Monday to Friday from the spare room with activities and questions and all things that children could do. Parents and families said they were so grateful. The new podcast, Maddie’s Sound Explorers, launched as the live shows finished. (Laughs) Children could watch the show at home during lockdown and now they can be out and about driving and can listen to the podcast when they are in the car. It’s the first podcast I have put out into the world and it is going really well. I’m absolutely thrilled with the response. The kids who have been listening to it love the songs at the end and it is something parents are enjoying as well. It’s aimed at children from five to 10, but even younger children can enjoy the music and sounds. MARION McMULLEN Did you pick up any fun facts you didn’t know before? young there were no real role models or anything like that around to show that it was achievable. I did dance, drama, singing and all that. I was doing theatre and performing arts already and was on that ladder, but in university I realised LOTS and lots. Like one company is developing an idea to slingshot satellites into space and there are experts looking into the sound and texture of breakfast cereals. I never knew that and to learn about it on a podcast aimed at children is amazing. I think the podcast is based on curiosity to get into the world and explore. HEADS WILL TELL TALES STARS from Alan Bennett’s TV series Talking Heads are to reprise their roles on stage. Eight actors including Tamsin Greig, Lesley Manville, Maxine Peake, Kristin Scott Thomas and Imelda Staunton will perform their monologues on stage at the Bridge Theatre in London from October if the Government gives the go-ahead for indoor performanc­es with sociallydi­stanced audiences. You present CBeebies show Do You Know? and your science and technology YouTube channel has had more than 32 million views. Where did your interest in the subject start? Do you get recognised a lot by young fans? IF I’m walking around by myself with my hair up and minding my own business no-one really notices me, but we’ve been filming at the Eden Project in Cornwall and if I am standing there with a camera pointed in my face it attracts a bit more interest. It tends to be parents who recognise me. Children are more interested at what is going on at their own level to be bothered to look up at adults. Go to bridgethea­ for further informatio­n. ■ The podcast takes listeners on amazing science journeys. What have been your favourites? GYMNASTIC FANTASTIC FORMER EastEnders actor Neil McDermott, right, features on the studio album and music video of new British musical The Rhythmics. He plays a hapless single dad encouraged by his daughter to chase his rock star dreams and audition for Nick & The Rhythmics only to realise he has actually signed up for an all-male rhythmic gymnastics troupe. The album is now available on streaming platforms. The music video for the track Got Your Back can be seen on YouTube. I LOVED science when I was little and I also love drama and dance and the performing arts. I didn’t plan a career in science initially mainly because when I was THERE are journeys into space, the human body and the jungle, all with different experts answering questions using the sounds of nature and science. All the sounds from the journey are then remixed into a song at the end. I couldn’t go into a recording studio so I ended up recording the podcast from a cupboard – just a wardrobe at home. All the experts had to become sound engineers as well. We have people like astrophysi­cist Dr Jen Gupta, biologist Professor Kate Jones and zookeeper extraordin­aire Charlotte Corney. The equipment to record everything was sent to their homes and we did everything remotely. (Laughs) It was all recorded under duvets and blankets. What would be your perfect day? I THINK it would be something mundane like pottering in the garden, catching up with family and then going to eat at a local restaurant with really fantastic food. (Laughs) It sounds like Blind Date, but I rarely have the time to do that. Or it would be a trip to the Disney Theme Park in Tokyo. Go to therhythmi­ for more details. ■ FINANCIAL AIR FOR FOR STUDENTS X-MEN and Wanted actor James McAvoy, inset, has donated £10,000 to Edinburgh Youth Theatre to help ensure its classes can be accessible to all during the coronaviru­s pandemic. The James McAvoy Bursary will be accessible to any potential or current student facing financial hardship to help reduce their fees to an amount manageable for their family. The actor said: “So many aspects of the performanc­e industry and arts education already feel like the preserve of the privileged so I believe it is vital that enriching learning opportunit­ies like Edinburgh Youth Theatre should be accessible to all.” Maddie’s Sound Explorers is produced by Magic Star and 4th Floor Creative and is available on Apple, Spotify and all podcast providers ■ Maddie uses her love of science and enthusiasm to encourage youngsters to explore the world around them PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . 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