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4 NEWS & MAIL WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 News Dream move has been a nightmare FRUSTRATED FRIMLEY ESTATE RESIDENT SAYS HALF OF NEW-BUILD DEVELOPMEN­T ‘IS A DUMP’ Drains at Heathlands, in Frimley, are full of builders’ rubble (above) while walls are cracking and there are exposed cables in the landscaped grounds (inset right) the charge. But at the moment we are paying the money and half the developmen­t is a dump, and it’s a dangerous dump at that.” A brochure advertisin­g the estate, which opened in 2016, tells prospectiv­e buyers that ‘Heathlands is a delightful place to live’, with ‘extensive landscaped communal grounds’ including ‘the restored original sunken garden’. But Mark soon found out this would not the reality. “The drains are an ongoing problem. We don’t feel the sewage and drainage on the site is up to the job of dealing with 101 properties. There is a constant issue with blocked drains,” he said, adding once a week there is a sewage “stink” in his en-suite bathroom. that he originally “fell in love with”. Some of the issues on the estate were apparent from day one but, according to Mark, the sales team said these would be rectified. Nearly a year later, new problems have arisen and the old ones have not been fixed, and Mark said other residents have been grappling with similar issues for the three years prior to his arrival. From blocked drains and a strong stench of sewage, to crumbling walls and protruding cables in the communal areas, Mark said life in the brand new developmen­t has turned into a nightmare. He pays £600 a year to the management company as a service charge, and the 41-year-old said: “None of us have a problem paying By EMMA PENGELLY @EmmaPengge­lly promised beautiful landscaped gardens. When we viewed the property there is a sunken garden in the middle of the estate which was absolutely lovely. And it looks like a scene out of Aleppo right now. “At the entrance of the estate you have a demised pillar and demised brick wall. There are big chunks missing and stress cracks going through it. It looks terrible. All the other estate newbuilds you go to, it is almost palatial. You drive into ours and the walls are collapsing,” he said. Despite the situation, Mark confirmed he does not plan on moving on because of the expense involved. He explained: “I have put everything I have into this property; my life savings. I owned a second property in Southampto­n and had to sell that to buy this. My pension, everything, I put into buying this house. So the option of moving and paying another lot of legal fees and stamp duty, it is not on the cards.” Although frustrated, Mark is not giving up. “All my focus is getting the estate safe and finished,” he said. And he is not alone; at least 70 Heathlands residents have formed an action group and are hoping they will have strength in numbers. In a reply to the accusation­s, a spokesman for developer Linden Homes said: “We are aware of outstandin­g issues at the location and are working with our contractor­s to resolve these as soon as possible. We will continue to provide residents with regular updates and apologise for any inconvenie­nce caused.” “All the drains are full of builders’ concrete and rubble. They are full to the brim of dirt and mud. There are things growing out of them.” The frustrated resident claimed the blocked drains recently contribute­d to flooding in his neighbour’s garage. This is not the first time problems with sewage have been mentioned on the estate. In April 2018, a hacked-off home owner was dealing with the stench at his Heathlands house due to a pump station sitting directly underneath his garden. He said at the time: “My concern is that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sell it [the property]. I would have to be fully transparen­t. Out the back at the weekend I couldn’t even let the kids out it was so bad. The moment the sun comes out the worse it gets”. A red light, which neighbours have coined ‘the poo light’, was installed outside the property. When it flashes, it is supposed to alert contractor­s that there is a blockage that needs attention. But the problems do not stop there, with exposed cables, crumbling pillars and cracking walls appearing on the estate, according to Mark. He claimed Linden Homes have ignored complaints from residents for years, and he is now concerned for his family’s, and his neighbours’, safety. He said there are collapsed walls “all over the place”, particular­ly in the sunken garden, adding: “We are concerned there are two and three-year-old kids, if any of those boulders fall it is going to injure. So we just stop going there. “It is overgrown with weeds, there are trip hazards on the steps. We were A FATHER who thought he was spending his life savings on a dream “forever home” in a newbuild estate has claimed the money bought him a property on a “dangerous dump”. Mark, who only wishes to give his first name, lives in Heathlands – a four-year-old housing estate off Old Bisley Road, Frimley, developed by Linden Homes. He bought a four-bedroom house last November, where he lives with his young family, but said he was “promised a lot more than I got”. A self-employed carpet cleaner, Mark used everything he had in savings to buy the £700,000 home ‘No further action’ taken as police drop fire prosecutio­n serious injuries. And a spokesman for Hampshire Constabula­ry said last week that the force will now be halting its investigat­ion into the fire. They added: “No further action is being taken against a woman in her 20s who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following a flat fire in Farnboroug­h in May 2019. “Following consultati­on with the CPS, a decision was made that no further action would be taken against the woman due to insufficie­nt evidence to support a prosecutio­n.” Four other people were treated for injuries at the scene. POLICE have dropped an investigat­ion into a flat fire in Farnboroug­h in which a child suffered life-changing injuries. A woman in her 20s was arrested on suspicion of neglect before being rearrested on suspicion of attempted murder following the fire in Clayton Road on May 17 2019. The early hours incident resulted in a four-year-old boy spending months in hospital recovering from his injuries, including time in an intensive care unit at St George’s Hospital in Tooting. Police confirmed in January that he had been released from hospital but was continuing to recover from his O SIGN ACKLE LITTERING LOCALLY BJECT TO LOCAL COUNCILS IGHT FOR A HIGHER FINE OUR PETITION TO RAISE THE MAXIMUM FINE FOR LITTERING TO £1,000 ORGANISE AND REGISTER A NEIGHBOURH­OOD CLEAN UP NOT ENFORCING LITTER FINES FOR THOSE DROPPING LITTER BY SIGNING OUR PETITION! PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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