Ex­per­i­ment with your dahlias

Amateur Gardening - - Your Gardening Week -

■ We had great­est suc­cess this year with the ‘Mignon Mixed’ an­nual dahlias that we gave away as free seeds in May.

■ I sowed and grew sev­eral plants and they flow­ered for months, at­tract­ing lots of bees and but­ter­flies.

■ When I came to dig them up I no­ticed that many of the roots had de­vel­oped into tra­di­tional dahlia tu­bers, which is where the plant stores the sug­ars nec­es­sary for growth the fol­low­ing year.

■ Although these were an­nual plants, I har­vested the tu­bers and am over­win­ter­ing them in a tray of sandy com­post to re-plant next year.

■ I’ll let you know how I get on!

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