Sow­ing tree or shrubs seed

Amateur Gardening - - Ask Anne! -


Take a clay pan or pot, place crocks (bro­ken pot shards) over the drainage holes and fill with well-drained com­post ide­ally with sieved leaf mould and grit added. Press lightly to achieve a flat sur­face and wa­ter if nec­es­sary, us­ing a fine rose on the can.

These are freshly col­lected horn­beam seeds. Re­move the seeds from their wings. Snip wings from maple seeds, or squash ripe berries to smear seeds into the com­post.


Space the seeds out and cover by only their own size with a light dress­ing of com­post.


Cap the pot with grit or fine shin­gle and place where the seeds will feel win­ter cold but not ex­pe­ri­ence wa­ter­log­ging. Pro­tect from ro­dents.

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