Pro­tect your win­ter roots

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Straw is the sim­plest in­su­la­tion ma­te­rial to use (it doesn’t mat­ter if it’s bar­ley or wheat) and it also pro­tects against slug dam­age as a bonus! Lay a 3-4in (7-10cm) layer on the soil around your root crop, fluff­ing it up well to en­sure plenty of in­su­lat­ing air pock­ets.


On all but the most shel­tered of plots, you’ll need to se­cure the straw in place. This is eas­ily done with a cover. Old sheets, fleece or even pea and bean net­ting work well. Weigh or pin the edges down. It doesn’t mat­ter if the fo­liage gets flat­tened in the process.


Now that your crop is safely tucked away un­der cover, you can sim­ply lift the roots as and when needed. If the straw starts to get soggy and flat­tened, fluff it up again as and when you can, and lay slug pel­lets if you know these pests are trou­ble­some in your area.

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