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Bi­en­ni­als For­get-me-nots

Myoso­tis syl­vat­ica are easy to grow, and spread like wild­fire. They look great with tulips like ‘Men­ton’, which tower up out of the blue car­pet.


A clas­sic part­ner for tulips. At Perch Hill in East Sus­sex, Erysi­mum cheiri and Tulipa ‘Bal­le­rina’ and ‘Doll’s Min­uet’ are art­fully com­bined with grasses and hon­esty.

Per­fo­li­ate alexan­der

The acid yel­low-green fo­liage plant Smyrnium per­fo­lia­tum dra­mat­i­cally off­sets dark tulips (try ‘Black Hero’), or fiery or­ange ones (such as ‘Bal­le­rina’).

Peren­ni­als Solomon’s seal

The ivory flow­ers of Polyg­o­na­tum x hy­bridum AGM are flat­tered by fresh white tulips (‘White Tri­umpha­tor’ is ideal). Tel­lima gran­di­flora will add to the lu­mi­nous green-and-white show.


Es­sen­tial for bright­en­ing spring bor­ders, E. ep­ithy­moides is the per­fect back­drop for tulips. Mounds of char­treuse limeyel­low flower bracts light up cup-shaped and lily-flow­ered va­ri­eties of any colour.

Lam­p­ro­cap­nos spectabilis

(AGM) White bleed­ing hearts work well with green and white tulips, such as ‘Spring Green’, while the pink forms are best for off­set­ting those in shades of blush, rasp­berry and claret.

Bulbs Ca­mas­sia

The blue spires of C. le­ichtlinii subsp. suks­dor­fii Caerulea Group are per­fect with pur­ple and black tulips, as seen in Cam­bridge Univer­sity Botanic Gar­den. Or try white forms with pale pink tulips.

Crown im­pe­ri­als

Fri­t­il­laria im­pe­ri­alis pro­duces ruffs of fiery flow­ers atop tall stems in April and May. ‘Or­ange Beauty’ is flame or­ange; ‘Max­ima Lutea’ is sun yel­low. Plant with tulips in clash­ing or com­ple­men­tary shades.


Tulips and daf­fodils that bloom at the same time are spring’s ul­ti­mate dream team. Scented Nar­cis­sus ‘Thalia’ com­bines well with ‘Red Im­pres­sion’ tulips as both flower in March/April.

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