Do’s and Don’ts of lawn care

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Use an au­tumn lawn feed, though it may be get­ting too late in the north;

Rake up fallen leaves to al­low light to reach the grass plants;

Mow the lawn if the weather is mild; aer­ate if frost is not fore­cast. Scar­ify and top­dress in mild parts; lay turf only if the weather re­mains fine and warm.

Walk on the grass on frosty morn­ings; ap­ply seed in patches or as a new lawn;

Use left­over sum­mer feeds which are too high in ni­tro­gen; ap­ply weed or moss killer, wait un­til the spring; Scar­ify, aer­ate or top­dress in frosty weather or if the soil is wa­ter­logged.

Avoid walk­ing on frozen grass

Re­move worm casts with a broom

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