Keep ISO low for flash

Amateur Photographer - - Technique Take Control Of Iso -

11Gen­er­ally speak­ing, when shoot­ing with flash it’s of­ten best to shoot with the ISO set low, ideally be­tween 100 and 400 to en­sure the best im­age qual­ity. Flash­guns ad­just power out­put when set to TTL mode, so when shoot­ing por­traits the sub­ject will most of­ten be per­fectly lit. If you’re shoot­ing in trick­ier sit­u­a­tions where you would like the back­ground to ex­pose cor­rectly, you can force the flash to emit a lower light level that’s bal­anced with am­bi­ent light by shoot­ing at a higher ISO such as 800 or 1600.

Bal­ance flash with ISO

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