High ISO for shoot­ing starry skies

Amateur Photographer - - Technique Take Control Of Iso -

12Astropho­tog­ra­phy is hugely pop­u­lar and re­quires just a few tech­niques for suc­cess. You’re def­i­nitely go­ing to need a tri­pod and ideally a fast widean­gle lens of f/2.8 or more. An f/4 lens would still work, but you’d need to use a higher ISO. Man­u­ally set the lens to fo­cus on in­fin­ity, and shoot in man­ual mode with the shut­ter speed around 25secs and the aper­ture on the widest set­ting. The ISO should ini­tially be set to 3200 and then take test shots to re­fine the ex­act set­ting. You have to use a high ISO to avoid the shut­ter speed be­ing so long that stars be­gin to streak.

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