Read­ing the swim pays off for Maver Mid­lands man

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HEN you draw a peg only to be told it’s rub­bish, you tend to set off to it with all the con­vic­tion of a man go­ing to the gal­lows. faced with lots of tick­ets in there. With only one draw left I can’t ever say it’s a bad one, I guess!

“Peg 76 meant not much to me so I spoke to Andy Kin­der, who fishes The Glebe a lot. He said it was okay but noth­ing spe­cial. When I got to the peg I found out that it was in a cor­ner with an empty peg next to me.

“When I asked why this had hap­pened I was told it was be­cause the swim was rub­bish – ‘here we go’, I thought, ‘an­other stinker!’

“Even so, it looked bang on as the wind was blow­ing into it. The mar­gin looked bril­liant, as did the far-bank boards to cast a feeder to. My plan was to be­gin on the feeder and work my way along those boards and then on to the mud bank next to it while feed­ing a short pole line and the mar­gins.

“The edge, though, was 3ft deep – in my mind too deep to catch well from, but time would tell. I’d fish the feeder and keep an eye on those around me, chang­ing to the pole at 5m when I saw oth­ers catch­ing on it.”

Method feed­ers are banned at The Glebe, so Dave fished a cage feeder packed with mi­cro pel­lets and a 20ins hooklength baited with a hard banded 6mm pel­let. Go­ing tight to the boards in re­ally shal­low water gave him too many prob­lems with line bites, so he dropped short and kept vary­ing the casts to the left and right of his orig­i­nal spot to keep the carp com­ing.

The first two hours brought 16 carp for around 80lb to give him a good start.

“I saw other an­glers hav­ing a look on the pole but catch­ing not a lot, so I kept plug­ging away on the feeder. But when the chaps next to me started to catch on the pole, I had to fol­low suit,” Dave re­vealed. “I’d fed mi­cro pel­lets at 5m, around the bot­tom of the near shelf, and threw 6mm pel­lets over the top by hand. The first three drops with an ex­pander pel­let gave me three carp and then noth­ing. I thought that was it.”

Chang­ing to feed­ing corn did the trick, how­ever, and with the same bait on the hook Dave’s swim got bet­ter and bet­ter with a string of carp to dou­ble fig­ures. With an hour left on the clock it was time to fish the edge, but things didn’t quite go to plan.

“I caught five fish from the mar­gins but foul-hooked three, and it just wasn’t right – too deep I think, and I was guilty of try­ing too hard to make things hap­pen here,” said Dave.

“When I went back to the 5m swim I was catch­ing quickly again, so in hind­sight I shouldn’t have spent so much time fish­ing the edge. I could have had even more at the scales!”

With 49 carp av­er­ag­ing around 5lb, but in­clud­ing a 14lb lump, Dave ad­mit­ted to 170lb, al­though some were sug­gest­ing this might be closer to 200lb.

“I was a bit off the mark as it hap­pens, but it’s al­ways good to un­der-es­ti­mate!” he said.

“I did fear the worst af­ter the draw, but you never know what will hap­pen.

“Now it’s on to Bod­ding­ton Reser­voir for round three. It’s a place I know noth­ing about, other than you need to draw in the mid­dle of the bank – hope­fully there will be one left in the bag at the end!”

1 Dave Brown, Maver Mid­lands, 208-2-0; 2 Pemb Wright­ing, Guru/Bag ‘Em Baits, 179-5-0; 3 Andy Kin­der, Maver/Marukyu, 172-8-0.

Jt1 Dale Shep­herd and Chris Bar­ley, both 3pts; jt3 Dave Brown, Kian War­dle and Jon Arthur, all 4; 6 Phil Can­ning, 5.

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