Where’s the fun in fea­ture­less fish­eries?

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Think­ing Tackle, Dis­cov­ery Shed, Wed­nes­day July 13, 4pm

Hooked on Fish­ing, Dis­cov­ery Shed, Satur­day July 16, 2pm I HAVE a lot of com­mer­cials close to where I live, and what has be­come no­tice­able is that a lot of the own­ers have lost their way.

Back when I started fish­ing around 20 years ago the set­ting was just as im­por­tant as the fish­ing it­self, but these days the sur­round­ings are of­ten com­pletely for­got­ten. BACK in the 1980s I used to fish the Ox­ford Canal a lot, even in the depths of win­ter, when we would of­ten have to break the ice.

There were lots of weird and won­der­ful ways con­cocted to do this, and some of the more ad­ven­tur­ous an­glers even stood on the ice with axes and chain­saws to cut or smash through it.

Any­way, on one win­ter match I was drawn next to a chap called Paul Mar­siglio, who was proudly bran­dish­ing his own ice breaker in the form of a large axe.

The ice was sev­eral inches thick and Paul stepped on it, kneel­ing

Paul dis­ap­peared into his own axe-cre­ated ice hole. John Wil­son’s Dream Fish­ing, Quest, Fri­day July 15, 6pm

Tench fish­ing, youtube.com/ user/FromTheWater­sEdgeTV

Fly fish­ing for carp, youtube. com/watch?v=2t9r0Qe_EYA down and chip­ping away, fol­low­ing the ice as he broke it.

He duly made a neat cut four me­tres into the canal, then turned to make a two-me­tre-wide rec­tan­gle be­fore re­treat­ing to the safety of the bank.

Un­for­tu­nately, Paul had for­got­ten that he was now in the mid­dle of his ice hole, and half­way back to the bank the cut ice gave way and tipped him grace­fully into the wa­ter.

I was still laugh­ing as he drove home, shiv­er­ing... Three ground­bait bowls in a heavy duty wa­ter­proof ma­te­rial. The largest has a zipped top and the two smaller ones fit neatly in­side.

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