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RRP £8.99 FAR more than just an at­trac­tor, Es­sen­tial Cell Ground­bait con­tain­ing high-qual­ity food in­gre­di­ents can sus­tain rather than just stim­u­late a feed­ing re­sponse.

Great for balling-up and car­ry­ing other baits such as par­ti­cles or boilies, or as a car­pet feed, the mix is also ide­ally suited to Method feeder tac­tics and pre­sen­ta­tion. RRP £6.75 MADE from the same top-qual­ity in­gre­di­ents as the Es­sen­tial Cell boilies, these durable hookbaits match the colour, smell and tex­ture of your feed per­fectly with one small, but sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence – the non-round ‘dumb­ell’ shape gives the an­gler a small edge some­times needed to out­wit shy, wary or pres­sured carp. RRP £3.25 AROUND 5mm in size, avail­able in 400g or 5kg bags, Re­sponse Pel­lets are de­signed for use in con­junc­tion with boilies to cre­ate the ideal feed­ing sit­u­a­tion.

Match­ing the Es­sen­tial Cell flavour means they are a great way to bulk out your boilie feed or add to your spod mix, as well as be­ing the per­fect fill for PVA bags. RRP £13.99 THE word ‘ver­sa­til­ity’ re­ally does epit­o­mise what Top­pers are all about! Great for adding some buoy­ancy to bot­tom baits and visual stim­u­lus, as well as be­ing su­perb sin­gle hookbaits in their own right – per­fect for solid PVA bag fish­ing or zig rigs – they come in a screw-to­gether pot con­tain­ing three colours: pink, white and yel­low. RRP £11.75 a kg (10mm £13.60) YEL­LOW, with a fruit-like aroma, Es­sen­tial Cell boilies were ex­ten­sively tested and de­vel­oped over two to three years by the some of the best UK carpers in the Main­line team. They took on a range of venues, from the most pro­lific to the most tricky, and the most dif­fi­cult of carp to catch. The re­sults were ex­cep­tional, mean­ing the con­fi­dence vi­tal to your bait ap­pli­ca­tion is al­ready as­sured. Avail­able in 1kg and 10kg bags in 10mm, 15mm or 18mm sizes. RRP £6.75 RECOG­NIS­ING that the modern-day carper can use a vast ar­ray of pre­sen­ta­tions along with a need to some­times scale down the hook­bait size, Main­line has pro­duced an ex­ten­sive range of pop-ups – Mini (12mm), Mini Dumb­ell (15mm) plus 14mm and Mini Mi­cro 8mm Pink & White Flu­oro Es­sen­tial Cell pop-ups for any sit­u­a­tion. RRP £6.99 AVAIL­ABLE in a 1kg bag, Stick & Bag Mix com­bines the unique wa­ter-sol­u­ble cat­a­lyst sys­tem de­signed to cap­i­talise on all as­pects of feed­ing and at­trac­tion with the Es­sen­tial Cell flavour la­bel.

It’s ideal for PVA stick/bag pre­sen­ta­tions, and stream­ing a re­lease of carp-pulling par­ti­cle at­trac­tion into the wa­ter, col­umn. RRP £6.75 DE­SIGNED to of­fer an ad­vanced edge to the pre­sen­ta­tion of your rig with­out com­plex­ity, Es­sen­tial Cell Bal­anced Wafters are avail­able in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm sizes. As their name sug­gests, these slow-sink­ing hookbaits waft close to the bot­tom with a small level of buoy­ancy sim­ply coun­tered by the weight of your hook. THE COM­PLETE ES­SEN­TIAL CELL RANGE: Ded­i­cated Freezer Bait Boilies – 10mm, 15m and 18mm Ded­i­cated Base Mix – 1kg and 10kg Ded­i­cated Ac­ti­va­tor Ded­i­cated Freezer Bait Paste 15mm Pop-Ups 12mm Mini Pop-Ups Mini Dumb­ell Pop-Ups Flu­oro Pink & White Pop-Ups Flu­oro Pink & White Mini Mi­cro Pop-Ups Dumb­ell Hook­ers Hook­bait En­hance­ment Sys­tem Dis­solvas Top­pers Bal­anced Wafters – 12mm, 15mm and 18mm Re­sponse Pel­lets – 400g and 5kg Stick & Bag Mix Stick Mix Liq­uid Ac­ti­vated Ground­bait

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