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An­glers hold the key to stop­ping the spread of KHV. Here are three sim­ple things you can do to help the cause.

1 Let the sun do its work

Dry your nets – nets that are damp and chucked in the garage will har­bour in­fec­tions that can live for weeks on end.

But by putting your nets out on the lawn in sun­light once you get home, you are al­most guar­an­teed to kill any in­fec­tions.

If you are un­able to dry your nets at home, lay them out on the bank at the fish­ery be­fore your ses­sion, giv­ing them at least 45 min­utes in di­rect sun­light.

2 Tend to your stink bags

Empty stink bags – the stag­nant wa­ter that col­lects in the bot­tom of th­ese can also har­bour deadly bugs.

Tip the wa­ter out of your bag, mak­ing sure you do this well away from any venue so that it can’t seep in. Keep your stink bag open while you are fish­ing and al­low the sun­light to dry it, killing all the bugs in the process.

3 Ster­ilise your nets

Use net dips – hun­dreds of com­mer­cials in­sist on visi­tors fully sub­merg­ing their keep­nets in a chem­i­cal so­lu­tion be­fore they start to fish. Al­though there is a lot of de­bate as to how ef­fec­tive dips are in the fight against dis­ease, there is cer­tainly no ev­i­dence to sug­gest they cause harm, and when in place they should be used.

Dry­ing your nets af­ter they have been dipped makes it even more likely that all bugs will be killed.

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