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ATIN of corn goes into the spod mix of just about ev­ery an­gler I see on the bank, yet how often do we use corn on the hook?

Now, I am not talk­ing about us­ing a fake corn top­per along­side a boilie, but just a ‘safe’ piece of corn on the hair. Carp are pick­ing up corn ev­ery day as other an­glers are ef­fec­tively pre­bait­ing for you, and ev­ery time they eat those yel­low ker­nels they are gain­ing in con­fi­dence.

Over the last year I have caught a lot of good fish by us­ing a sin­gle piece of Mu­tant Corn an­chored down by a size 7 Nash Twis­ter hook.

A 0.75 inch-long hair and a sup­ple hook­link is all you need, as the carp al­ready have con­fi­dence in the bait. Rather than feed more corn, I fish this over a spread of boilies.

I think the boilies def­i­nitely at­tract the carp but it can take time for them to gain enough con­fi­dence to eat them. Quick bites on my corn rig af­ter feed­ing boilies sug­gest to me that the carp have no such fears over the ‘yel­low peril’.

A piece of Mu­tant Corn will get bites over a spread of boilies, as carp are con­fi­dent about eat­ing sweet­corn. HOOK FAKE CORN HOOK­BAIT A size 7 wide gape, square bend Nash Twis­ter hook is the right size to com­ple­ment the grain of fake corn. HAIR AND HOOK­LINK The hair is just a con­tin­u­a­tion of the soft, sup­ple hook­link, and formed with a knot­less knot.

Carp get used to corn, so why not use it on the hook?

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