Missing bits when fish­ing shal­low? It’s time to dig out the Jigga!

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EFORE I visit a fish­ery I al­ways have an idea in my head about how I’m go­ing to at­tack it. bites-to-fish ra­tio wasn’t great, to be hon­est, and I was missing more than I was happy with.

I needed a change, and while I was look­ing through my box for a dif­fer­ent shal­low rig I had no­ticed I had a few York­shire Jig­gas made up that I have to ad­mit I had for­got­ten about.

Out of in­ter­est I de­cided to rig one up, just to see if they were as good as I had been led to be­lieve when they first ar­rived on the match scene a few years back.

I slipped on a caster and shipped out. Low­er­ing the rig in slowly, it im­me­di­ately be­came ap­par­ent that the elas­tic was al­ready stream­ing from the pole-tip!

With a big F1 in the net I shipped back out and low­ered the rig in for the sec­ond time with ex­actly the same re­sult – I have to ad­mit I was gob­s­macked at just how ef­fec­tive the Jigga was prov­ing to be.

It didn’t stop there, as lit­er­ally ev­ery drop-in pro­duced a fish within sec­onds.

I quickly came to the con­clu­sion that when you are shal­low fish­ing for F1s the Jigga is sim­ply un­beat­able, and I don’t make that state­ment lightly.

Ev­ery fish hooks it­self so you never miss a bite – and you can’t get any bet­ter than that!


There might be some an­glers read­ing this who are won­der­ing what on earth a Jigga is – well, let me ex­plain. Ba­si­cally it’s a dib­ber­style float with a hole through the cen­tre that al­lows your line to run straight through the mid­dle. The short, weighted stem means the float will set­tle straight away.

You shot the rig with a bulk of shot as nor­mal, but the float is able to run freely up and down the line, stopped only by a cou­ple of float stops above and be­low it.

It’s a very di­rect way of fish­ing, be­cause when a fish sucks in the hook­bait it hooks it­self against the pole-tip rather than the float, which of­fers no re­sis­tance.

I must men­tion here that when fish­ing the Jigga there re­ally is no need to watch the float. When you get a bite the first thing you will see is the elas­tic pulling out of top of the pole.

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