Can rod com­pete with pole?

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I FISH a com­plex of lakes us­ing the wag­gler, but when an an­gler next door to me fishes the long pole, I strug­gle to catch while he does! I don’t want to in­vest in a pole, so how can I carry on catch­ing in this sit­u­a­tion?

Mike Field­ing, via email

IF YOU were catch­ing be­fore­hand, this sug­gests your tac­tics and feed­ing are not wrong – but the pole of­fers much bet­ter pre­sen­ta­tion and ac­cu­racy and more of­ten than not will out­fish the float, like-for-like.

The only thing to do here is to try and get your own piece of wa­ter, and that means fish­ing where the pole an­glers aren’t.

With a rod and line you can cast a long way, so throw the float or even a feeder way past the pole lads into a part of the lake that no-one else is fish­ing.

This will al­low you to draw in fish from fur­ther out, and when they ar­rive, they will find only your feed and hook­bait. You could also do the op­po­site and fish closer in, in­side where the pole an­glers are, but this is un­likely to work un­til later in the day when carp and tench move close to the mar­gins.

“Throw a float or feeder into a part of the lake that no-one else is fish­ing”

Cast be­yond where pole an­glers are fish­ing and you’ll catch.

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