Can you tell me what leam is and what it can be used for?

What on earth is leam, and when would I use it?

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James Chorl­ton, Can­ter­bury

LEAM is fine pow­dered clay that match an­glers use to feed bait in balls, ei­ther mixed in with ground­bait or on its own.

Very pop­u­lar on the Con­ti­nent when feed­ing blood­worm and joker, leam also has its uses in the UK – mainly when you want to add weight to your ground­bait mix in deep or fast-flow­ing wa­ter or on canals in win­ter, when worm and joker is used.

Leam comes in a va­ri­ety of colours and den­si­ties. Heavy river leam adds a lot of weight and bind­ing power, while a lighter Terre de Somme leam is bet­ter for shal­lower swims.

You can also buy leams that put a big cloud into the wa­ter when bleak fish­ing.

Whichever you choose, leam has no food value at all. This makes it a good choice in win­ter for feed­ing on its own with just a few bits of bait, as it won’t fill the fish up.

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