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ADAM JAFFA MEMO­RIAL (SUN) River Calder (45 pegs) This is widely con­sid­ered as one of the re­gion’s finest rivers and it showed why with a num­ber of dou­ble-fig­ure catches. Reg­u­lar win­ner Dave Pol­litt once again did the busi­ness, this time with 14-4-0 on the stick float from his peg at Sands Lane. Nick Chaf­fer came sec­ond with 13-10-0 taken on the wag­gler and mag­got.

Re­sult: 1 D Pol­litt, Mir­field Willy Worms, 14-4-0; 2 N Chaf­fer, Mir­field Willy Worms, 13-10-0; 3 K Hob­son, Barns­ley, 13-3-0; 4 D Ray, Notts, 12-4-0; 5 A Smith, Old­ham, 10-9-0; 6 A Ben­stead, Pon­te­fract, 10-4-0. BAN­NIS­TER HOUSE FISH­ERY Match Canal (39 pegs) It was a tough call who had won, but once the maths had been done Matthew Goulding was named win­ner.The Ma­trix Leigh Tackle man drew peg 64 and worked with mag­got over round­bait in the edge for 96-12-0 of carp to 8lb.

Re­sult: 1 M Goulding, Ma­trix Leigh Tackle, 96-12-0; 2 C Dur­rant, Ted Carter Pre­ston, 93-4-0; 3 S Shep­herd, Ted Carter Pre­ston, 90-4-0; 4 F Yard­ley, Ted Carter Pre­ston, 82-4-0; 5 P Bot­tom­ley, Cop­pell Angling, 74-8-0; 6 S Mitchell, 59-0-0. BLUNDELLS FISH­ERY All lakes rover (48 pegs) Mark Lu­cas made it look easy as he won with 142-0-0. Hav­ing cho­sen peg 47 on Trio Pool, the Mosella-backed an­gler used caster shal­low just 6m out for F1s, carp and a few sil­vers. Andy Pick­les used mag­got down the edge and pel­let on the short pole from peg 41 for 108-14-0.

Re­sult: 1 M Lu­cas, Mosella, 142-0-0; 2 A Pick­les, Izaak Wal­ton, 108-14-0; 3 M Has­sell, Staly­bridge Angling, 92-13-0; 4 L Clancy, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 89-7-0; 5 A Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 87-7-0; 6 C Hibbs, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 84-8-0. LINGMERE FISH­ERY (WEDS) Match and Plea­sure Lakes (32 pegs) Phil Bar­well was the man who broke the triple-fig­ure bar­rier with 113-9-0. Drawn on peg 26, the Widnes Ma­trix man had a shoal of F1s up in the wa­ter. He picked them off us­ing caster 12ins deep.

Re­sult: 1 P Bar­well, Widnes Ma­trix, 113-9-0; 2 P Shan­non, Lingmere, 89-15-0; 3 M Greasley, Lingmere, 79-5-0; 4 J Swain, Lingmere, 72-4-0. MEADOW VIEW FISH­ERIES Lark Pool (36 pegs) The high turn-out meant the lake didn’t fish to its full po­ten­tial, with Shaun Wood­ward need­ing just 360-0 to win. A pa­tient ap­proach in the mar­gins from peg 10 paid off for the Traf­ford Tackle & Bait man, with carp to 7lb and the oc­ca­sional skim­mer.

Re­sult: 1 S Wood­ward, Traf­ford Tackle & Bait, 36-0-0; 2 B Davies, Dee­side Tackle, 34-4-0; 3 J Maiden, Home Guard, 31-6-0; 4 B Dowd, Home Guard, 24-10-0. MIR­FIELD AA Aire & Calder Canal, Mir­field (40 pegs) Put Dave Ar­mitage on a good peg and he rarely wastes it and that trend was cer­tainly ad­hered to in this match with his 23-4-0 win. The Cleck­heaton rod, on peg 39, used the ground­bait feeder and the wag­gler for nine skim­mers and some qual­ity perch.

Re­sult: 1 D Ar­mitage, Cleck­heaton, 23-4-0; 2 S Haigh, An­glers World, 22-8-0; 3 J Sorokin, Barby Stores, 17-10-0; 4 A Denny, Barns­ley, 14-12-0; 5 A Bar­ron, Tackle 2U, 13-12-0; 6 C Tur­bitt, Tackle 2U, 12-10-0. PAR­TRIDGE LAKES Covey Canal Lakes (76 pegs) Once again, the com­plex at­tracted one of the best turnouts of the day and it was Neil Dim­mock who won with 115-0-0. The Stoke-on-Trent an­gler drew peg 130 and used caster shal­low to net ide and F1s to 3lb. Sam Bates also used caster shal­low, but also caught on pel­let tight to the far bank of peg 25 for 110-2-0 and sec­ond spot.

Re­sult: 1 N Dim­mock, Stoke-on-Trent, 115-0-0; 2 S Bates, Stoke on Trent, 110-2-0; 3 C Mayo, Drennan North West, 104-15-0; 4 C Eb­brell, Tri Cast High­field, 100-2-0; 5 P Jones, Par­tridge Lakes, 99-15-0; 6 J Jones, Gar­bolino El­ton, 94-12-0. ROSE­MARY WOOD FISH­ERY Moss Lake (31 pegs) Phil De­whurst won this event by the skin of his teeth with 90-14-0. Both the Method feeder and straight lead with pel­let pro­duced a re­sponse from peg 23 with carp to 6lb.

Re­sult: 1 P De­whurst, Burscough Angling, 90-14-0; 2 G Simm, Rose­mary Wood MG, 89-7-0; 3 D Quinn, Rose­mary Wood MG, 72-15-0; 4 S Holmes, Widnes Angling, 59-10-0; 5 C Davies, Widnes Angling, 57-2-0;. THE OAKS LAKES Ash, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (38 pegs) These match lakes con­tinue to go from strength to strength – and Phil Sel­lars re­quired a colos­sal 317-14-0 to win. Get­ting the fish to feed close to the bank would be vi­tal if the Wood­land Tackle

man wanted to put to­gether a big weight. He did that from peg 15 on Sycamore us­ing paste at 5m and in the mar­gins.

Re­sult: 1 P Sel­lars, Wood­land Tackle, 317-14-0; 2 A Barker, Oaks, 287-10-0; 3 A Nel­son, Mosella Quaker, 283-1-0; 4 R Harper, Mosella Quaker, 259-3-0; 5 C Ken­dal, Middy, 256-8-0; 6 D Ben­nett, Oaks, 254-14-0. WOOD­LAND LAKES Curlew, Kestrel, Par­tridge & Wag­tail Lakes (40 pegs) The carp con­tinue to pack on the pounds – and Peter Thomp­son in­cluded dou­ble-fig­ure spec­i­mens in his 155-0-0. Us­ing pel­let down the edge on peg 25 on Par­tridge, the Colmic Wood­land an­gler caught 25 lumps, with the best over 15lb. Pete Bain­bridge wasn’t far off the pace and set­tled for sec­ond with 145-14-0.

Re­sult: 1 P Thomp­son, Colmic Wood­land, 155-0-0; 2 P Bain­bridge, Ma­trix Hal­i­fax, 145-14-0; 3 J Ken­dal, Willy Worms, 144-8-0; 4 C Pritchard, Colmic Wood­land, 135-8-0; 5 D Hud­son, Colmic Wood­land, 125-14-0.

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