They are KHV fac­to­ries, not to men­tion that sig­nal cray­fish

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WITH all the talk about bio-se­cu­rity and dry­ing nets that has been preva­lent in the an­gling me­dia as KHV in­creases its stran­gle­hold, you’d think that a lit­tle bit of that would have got through even the thick­est match an­glers’ skulls, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be com­pletely wrong.

At The Glebe Fish­ery, which is now com­ing through its own spell of KHV, a net-dip sys­tem, with spe­cially for­mu­lated chem­i­cals, has been in­tro­duced. Ob­vi­ously some an­glers think that the ne­ces­sity of dry­ing nets doesn’t ap­ply to them. I’ve re­marked be­fore that stink bags ex­ac­er­bate the prob­lem by not al­low­ing nets to drain, but to sit in wa­ter from the last place fished.

So imag­ine my amaze­ment when one an­gler re­moved his nets for dip­ping and a ma­ture, full-sized sig­nal cray­fish tod­dled out of the stink bag! If that had been a fe­male car­ry­ing eggs, even if the idiot had got his nets out to dry on the bank, that cray­fish could have not only trans­ferred the koi her­pes virus but also its own kind, a vi­o­lently in­va­sive species that’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to erad­i­cate.

Some­times things hap­pen that beg­gar be­lief. That is one of them.

The other in­cred­i­ble thing is that The Glebe is now open and fish­ing at least as well as ever.

The ac­tion Roy Mar­low took improved wa­ter qual­ity still more, and ob­vi­ously the re­main­ing fit and healthy fish are en­joy­ing it.

It is ab­so­lutely cru­cial to dry your keep­nets out af­ter ev­ery ses­sion.

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