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BANNISTER HOUSE FISH­ERY Match Canal (31 pegs)

Jim Hol­land worked the mar­gins through­out the match to the tune of 144-2-0. Corn just inches from the near­side bank of peg 20 helped the Macey’s an­gler find carp to 7lb. Paul Bot­tom­ley was next in line with 109-12-0.

Re­sult: 1 J Hol­land, Macey’s, 144-2-0; 2 P Bot­tom­ley, Cop­pell’s An­gling, 109-12-0; 3 M Ball­cock, Ted Carter Preston, 103-0-0; 4 S Shep­herd, Ted Carter Preston, 90-0-0; 5 M Gould­ing, Ma­trix Leigh Tackle & Bait, 87-0-0; 6 P Beardsworth, Bannister, 76-8-0.

HAPPY LEAGUE River Trent, Holme Marsh (64 pegs)

Paul Gould­ing showed no mercy for his ri­vals as he put to­gether an in­cred­i­ble 80-500 for a very easy vic­tory. The Daiwa Dons rod found him­self drawn on a huge shoal of bream that were in peg 6 in the weir field. He used the feeder with worm and caster for dozens of slabs to 5lb. If it hadn’t been for a snag that he lost nu­mer­ous hook-lengths and fish on, he would al­most cer­tainly have bro­ken the river record. Weights then dropped right off to more nor­mal lev­els, with Jan Stephen­son tak­ing the run­ner-up spot with 13-250 from peg 10.

Re­sult: 1 P Gould­ing, Daiwa Dons, 80-500; 2 J Stephen­son, Nor­man­ton, 13-250; 3 J Cameron, Nor­man­ton, 8-200; 4 T Goldby, Hull, 6-450; 5 D Scales, Mosella, 6-280; 6 J Good­win, Tri-Cast Calder, 4-850.


Chris Gor­rell was top rod on the day af­ter he put to­gether the only dou­ble-fig­ure catch on show. Us­ing pole and caster on the long pole from peg B1, the Ted Carter South­port rod found a few skim­mers to 2lb for a 10-9-14 win. Sam Rush­den went down the same route from peg B11 and fin­ished up with 9-6-4. Shake­speare are cur­rently top­ping the league with 110 points.

Re­sult: 1 C Gor­rell, Ted Carter South­port, 10-9-14; 2 S Rush­den, Sen­sas Black Coun­try, 9-6-4; 3 A Mars­den, Wigan, 9-2-2; 4 J Cun­ning­ham, Shake­speare, 8-14-0; 5 L Kenyon, Brown­ing Life­style, 8-4-8; 6 I Mor­ri­son, Ted Carter South­port, 8-2-8. Teams; 1 Sen­sas Black Coun­try, 22pts; 2 Ted Carter South­port, 25; 3 Wolves, 26. League: 1 Shake­speare, 110pts; 2 Wolves, 112; 3 Brown­ing Life­style Red, 128.

MIRFIELD AA CALDER LEAGUE River Calder, Mirfield (65 pegs)

James Vick­er­man had a bite al­most ev­ery run through the swim and ended up with 20-12-0. Us­ing the stick float and mag­got from his peg at Sams Lane, he kept the dace and roach com­ing through­out the day. Punkies 8 were the top team on 46 points, with Brad­ford No1 not far be­hind on 40.

Re­sult: 1 J Vick­er­man, Brad­ford, 20-12-0; 2 S Fos­ter, Brad­ford, 15-6-0; 3 D Ar­mitage, Cleck­heaton, 15-4-0; jt4 S Clegg, Punkies 8 and S Thomp­son, Punkies 8, both 14-4-0; 6 M Highe, Mirfield, 14-0-0.

Teams: 1 Punkies 8, 46pts; 2 Brad­ford No 1, 40; 3 Mirfield, 39.

NORTHALLERTON AA River Swale, Northallerton (38 pegs)

Kevin Moore ended the match on al­most dou­ble that of the near­est chaser. The AIre­bor­ough an­gler used the wag­gler and mag­got ap­proach from peg 15 and took 27-4-0 of chub to 4lb. Nick Smith was on peg C3 and used the same tac­tics for 14-14-0 of chub.

Re­sult: 1 K Moore, Aire­bor­ough, 27-4-0; 2 N Smith, Aire­bor­ough, 14-14-0; 3 G Hull, Northallerton, 14-2-0; M Allinson, Wash­ing­ton, 13-12-0.

PAR­TRIDGE LAKES OAP & DIS­ABLED Covey Canal Lakes (67 pegs)

No­body broke triple fig­ures in this con­test, but that didn’t bother Ed­die Bat­tersby one bit as he took an easy vic­tory with 92-3-0. Pel­let and caster both got the F1s bit­ing from peg 100, with fish to 3lb go­ing into his keep­nets. The win­ner had al­most 20lb to spare on the run­ner-up, with Kenny Og­den tak­ing that ac­co­lade with 73-0-0 from peg 45.

Re­sult: 1 E Bat­tersby, Par­tridge, 92-3-0; 2 K Og­den, Par­tridge, 73-0-0; jt3 S Bryan & D Shaw, both Par­tridge, both 64-2-0; 5 D Olly, Olly Mo­tors, 63-3-0; 6 J Wilson, Par­tridge, 61-14-0.

PAR­TRIDGE LAKES Covey Canal Lakes (84 pegs)

There were a few 100lb-plus catches and Craig Eb­brell’s 126-2-0 was the best of them. Mag­got over ground­bait down the edge of peg 149 helped the Tri­c­ast High­field man find F1s to

3lb along with the odd bonus carp. Paul Jones ro­tated be­tween 6m and 13m pole lines with pel­let from peg 42 to take the run­ner-up spot with 105-14-0.

Re­sult: 1 C Eb­brell, Tri-Cast High­field, 126-2-0; 2 P Jones, Par­tridge Lakes, 105-14-0; 3 F Wright, Pa­tri­croft, 105-0-0; 4 S Open­shaw, Ling­mere, 101-2-0; 5 C Weeder Jnr, Maver North West, 100-15-0; 6 H Billing, Gar­bolino, 94-14-0.

TI­DAL TRENT CHAL­LENGE River Trent (85 pegs)

A pa­tient ap­proach on the feeder paid off for Richard Jack­son as he put 20-15-0 on the scales. The Maver NW an­gler sat it out with a large pel­let hookbait in search of the odd bar­bel from peg 30 at Laugh­ter­ton and was re­warded with spec­i­mens to 9lb. Steve Hem­ingray found two bar­bel that went 17-8-0 at the weigh-in.

Re­sult: 1 R Jack­son, Maver NW, 20-15-0; 2 Steve Hem­ingray, Star­lets, 17-8-0; 3 N Parkin­son, Spald­ing, 15-13-0; 4 M God­frey, Drennan Barnsley, 15-7-0; 5 A Henry, Dy­na­mite Shi­mano, 14-4-0.

WIGAN DAA Leeds/Liver­pool Canal, Sara­cens Head (33 pegs)

The canal fished rock hard for every­one and Gor­don Houlibeg weighed just 3-13-12 for vic­tory.

Fish­ing at 11m on mag­got fooled a few small roach and a 1lb-plus hy­brid, with worm at 9m fool­ing the oc­ca­sional eel.

Re­sult: 1 G Houlibeg, Bolton, 3-13-12; 2 B Mead­ows, Chorley, 3-3-0; 3 K Garry, Hind­ley MG, 2-15-8; 4 B Platt, Chorley, 2-15-0; jt5 B Moors, Bolton and K Stothers, Gid­low both 2-3-8.

WOOD­LAND LAKES Curlew, Kestrel, Par­trisge & Wag­tail Lakes (50 pegs)

The fish­ery’s great form con­tin­ued as Dean Smith gained the brag­ging rights thanks to a 160-9-0 catch. Curlew and Par­tridge were heav­ily fan­cied at the draw, but the cham­pion worked his magic from peg 4 on Wag­tail Lake. He used long pole and pel­let, be­fore com­ing down the edge to take fish to just shy of 18lb.

Re­sult: 1 D Smith, Bait-Tech, 160-9-0; 2 S Kean, Wood­lands Tackle, 155-6-0; 3 L Hawksworth, Colmic Wood­lands Tackle, 134-11-0; 4 R Pick­les, Wood­lands Tackle, 125-12-0; 5 G Mal­man, Mal­man Floats, 109-2-0; 6 P Fletcher, Wood­lands Tackle, 105-0-0.

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