A deadly pel­let wag set-up

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I STRUG­GLE with a bad back, so fish­ing the long pole shal­low for carp is hard. Would the pel­let wag­gler catch me more fish and, if so, how do I set it up?

Brian Collins, Maltby

EAS­IER to fish than a long pole and sim­ple to set up, the pel­let wag­gler re­mains the plea­sure an­gler’s num­ber one method for catch­ing carp shal­low, es­pe­cially on big open-wa­ter lakes where the fish may be feed­ing at a fair dis­tance.

Match an­glers also have a size­able space in their ar­moury for the ‘pel­let wag’.

An ac­tive method, the pel­let wag­gler works well with re­peated cast­ing and feed­ing, fished a few feet deep with a steady stream of 8mm hard pel­lets be­ing rained around it. The float is left in the wa­ter for no longer than 10 sec­onds be­fore be­ing twitched or re-cast.

Put sim­ply, the float is a stumpy length of balsa wood or poly­styrene, both highly buoy­ant ma­te­ri­als, and the fin­ished float will have a very vis­i­ble top, mak­ing it look more like a pike bung than a wag­gler. The splash that it makes when hit­ting the wa­ter draws the fish in and the loose­feed should do the rest!

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