ONE of the keys to suc­cess­ful feeder fish­ing is ac­cu­racy. You are try­ing to build a swim by cast­ing to the same spot ev­ery time.

So whether it’s carp or bream fish­ing, us­ing the line clip on your reel is a must.

To en­sure ac­cu­racy I like to use the clip on the reel and then pick a marker on the op­po­site bank.

By cast­ing at the marker and us­ing the line clip I can be sure I’m land­ing my feeder bang on the money ev­ery cast and build­ing up bait in the swim.

A lot of an­glers worry about hook­ing a big fish and los­ing it due to the line clip. To avoid this hap­pen­ing I cast and then stop the rod be­hind my head.

Now, when I put the rod down, I can get four or five turns of line back on the reel, which gives me some­thing to play with should I hook a fish that de­cides to run.

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