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GILLINGHAM AA SUM­MER SE­RIES River Stour, Sturminster Newton (20 pegs)

Ben Dukes ran away with this one and his catch even­tu­ally to­talled 14-8-0. Caster over ground­bait ac­counted for some great roach, with worm and caster at­tract­ing a good-qual­ity perch and a few redfins. Ja­son Mills landed 140 roach and perch on pinkies over ground­bait

for 6-14-0.

Re­sult: 1 B Dukes, Gillingham AA, 14-8-0; 2 J Mills, Gillingham AA, 6-14-0; 3 M Hunt, Gillingham AA, 6-3-0; 4 T West, Gillingham AA, 6-2-0.

HILLVIEW FISH­ERY Both lakes & three canals (37 pegs)

Billy Hill took the vic­tory in this con­test and fin­ished the day with a highly im­pres­sive 156-4-0, just over 2lb ahead of his near­est ri­val. Pel­let and corn both at­tracted bites from peg 84, with fish to 8lb go­ing into the net. Re­sult: 1 B Hill, Hillview, 156-4-0; 2 H Uggy, Hillview, 154-0-0; 3 T Jones, Hillview, 134-12-0.

OAKFIELD FISH­ERY Brook and Red Kite Lakes (26 pegs)

An un­usu­ally dif­fi­cult match made for a very close fin­ish, with Gary Keet­ley just edg­ing it from peg 32. He fished mag­got shal­low on the long pole, where he took a mix­ture of F1s and some bet­ter carp for 68-14-0. Top weight from Brook was Gary Thorpe, with 39-0-0 of bar­bel to 4lb, chub to 2lb, skim­mers to 2lb as well as some tench. Gary fished peg 14, where he fed and fished mag­got and caster to the is­lands and later on close in.

Re­sult: 1 G Keet­ley, J&K Tackle, 68-14-0; 2 M Tal­bot, Ka­masan GOT Baits, 66-13-0; 3 J Wigg, Dy­na­mite Oakfield, 61-9-0; 4 S Trevelyan, JET, 61-7-0; 5 D Ham­mond, Ban­bury Gun­smiths, 59-7-0; 6 D Wilson, Dy­na­mite Oakfield, 58-1-0.

PUDDLEDOCK FISH­ERY (WEDS) Snake Lake (24 pegs)

The lake was on fire for this event, and Keith Miles was in top bag­ging mode to regis­ter 235-12-0. Big carp to dou­ble fig­ures swarmed into peg 13 and from there he picked them off one by one on pel­let fished shal­low. Micky Hood also did the dou­ble ton with 216-4-0 for sec­ond. Re­sult: 1 K Miles, OBT, 235-12-0; 2 M Hood, OBT, 216-4-0; 3 J Bell, OBT, 150-8-0; 4 M Hig­gin­bot­tom, OBT, 137-8-0.

ROLFS LAKE Ox­ford (20 pegs)

Rolfs is home to some huge fish and Steve Waters found a way of get­ting them to feed be­fore he hauled out 207-1-0 of them. Lots of fish were in the mar­gins of peg 30, but they re­fused to feed. The Drennan man soon got his head down on a brace of 5m lines, us­ing pel­let to take carp to 15lb. Steve Ni­colls was sec­ond with 154-6-0 from peg 24.

Re­sult: 1 S Waters, Drennan, 207-1-0; 2 S Ni­colls, Rolfs, 154-6-0; 3 N Fen­ner, Rolfs, 138-12-0; 4 M New­bold, Rolfs, 119-3-0; 5 C Love­lock, Rolfs, 104-5-0.

RYE DAS LEAGUE River Med­way, Barm­ing (44 pegs)

There is only one round of this pop­u­lar league left to go and, as it stands, there is all to play for as only five points sep­a­rate the top four. On the day, it was Brown­ing Xi­tan’s Paul Lamb who fared best af­ter he used the feeder with worm and ground­bait from peg 57 for 22-9-0 of roach and bream. Sec­ond place went to Kevin Pack, who had 15-5-0, with Maver Car­di­nals Red the win­ning team

on the day.

Re­sult: 1 P Lamb, Brown­ing Xi­tan, 22-9-0; 2 K Pack, Maver Car­di­nals Black, 15-5-0; 3 J Gore, Maver Car­di­nals Red, 14-8-0; 4 I Ge­maney, Ma­trix In­victa, 13-13-0; 5 T Docker, Ad­vanced Pole Re­pairs, 10-15-8.

Teams: 1 Maver Car­di­nals Red, 36pts; 2 Ad­vanced Pole Re­pairs, 31; 3 Iden Wood Fish­ery Red, 30; 4 Maver Car­di­nals White.

League: Maver Car­di­nals Red, 205pts; Ad­vanced Pole Re­pairs, 204; 3 Brown­ing Xi­tan, 200.5; 4 Iden Wood Fish­ery Red, 200.

STAFFORD MOOR Tan­ners & Wood­pecker Lakes (25 pegs)

Flat calm and red-hot con­di­tions were hardly ideal for a day’s bag­ging, but Dave Stock­ton brushed aside those con­cerns to haul out 116-15-0. Work­ing with pel­let and wag­gler up in the wa­ter from peg 27 on Tan­ners, the venue ex­pert took carp to 9lb. Top weight on Wood­pecker Lake was by Rob Dixon, who weighed in 88-8-0 from peg 3. Re­sult: 1 D Stock­ton, Stafford Moor, 116-15-0; 2 B Brox­ham, Stafford Moor, 97-6-0; 3 R Dixon, Stafford Moor, 88-8-0; 4 S Brad­shaw, Stafford Moor, 81-13-0. Sil­vers: B Hunt, Stafford Moor, 28-2-0.

TYLERS COM­MON Horse­shoe Pool (24 pegs)

Colin Fuller made light work of the op­po­si­tion and fin­ished with 252-8-0 in his nets. Meat down the edge of peg 36 soon had the fish queu­ing up, with carp to dou­ble fig­ures be­ing fooled. Gra­ham Dack was best of the rest on 197-0-0 from peg 10.

Re­sult: 1 C Fuller, Lake John, 252-8-0; 2 G Dack, Maver, 197-0-0; 3 G Manoli, An­gling Di­rect, 196-0-0; 4 A Bolt, Rob­bos, 162-0-0; 5 K Wilder, Tylers, 159-0-0; 6 D Har­rold, OBT, 158-0-0.


Three pegs in a row pro­vided the top trio, and it was John Wor­thing­ton who just about edged the verdict. Drawn on peg 17, the Stan­dish Sharks an­gler used the pel­let feeder with a banded 8mm hookbait for 147-8-0 of carp and F1s. Si­mon Wat­son took 135-8-0 from peg 18, with Matt Sel­lars tak­ing third from peg 16 with 131-7-0.

Re­sult: 1 J Wor­thing­ton, Stan­dish Sharks, 147-8-0; 2 S Wat­son, Rive, 135-8-0; 3 M Sell­ers, Chur­net Val­ley, 131-7-0; 4 A Turner, Al­fre­ton An­gling, 123-4-0; 5 L Barnes, Dar­ling­ton An­gling, 98-4-0; 6 K Pen­fold, Border Match An­gling, 95-9-0.

WHITE ACRES RES­I­DENTS ROVER (THURS) All lakes rover (48 pegs)

Dave Mo­ran’s de­ci­sion to pick peg 17 for this rover on Twin Oaks proved to be a wise one when he took a com­fort­able 180-0-0 vic­tory. Us­ing pel­let in the mar­gins, the Ash­ton An­gling rod found a mix­ture of carp and F1s. That saw off the threat from Rob Mor­ris, who se­cured sec­ond place with 152-3-0 from peg 15 on Sycamore Lake.

Re­sult: 1 D Mo­ran, Ash­ton An­gling, 180-0-0; 2 R Mor­ris, Whisby An­gling, 152-3-0; 3 K Pen­fold, Border Match An­gling, 142-2-0; 4 A Read, If­fers AC, 141-6-0; 5 J Nightin­gale, Lit­tle­bor­ough, 122-0-0; 6 J Wor­thing­ton, Stan­dish Tackle, 113-4-0.

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