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River Nene, Peter­bor­ough (47 pegs) Lo­cal rod Gra­ham Wel­ton made it into the fi­nal with 18-10-0 of skim­mers, perch and a cou­ple of bream, fish­ing long pole with chopped worm and caster from peg 50. An­other mixed bag on worm and caster saw Dave Beecroft into sec­ond at peg 60 with 17-5-0. Join­ing Gra­ham in the fi­nal are zone winners Jon Means and Stu­art Northrop.

Re­sult: 1 G Wel­ton, RAF, 18-10-0; 2 D Beecroft, Lit­tle­port, 17-5-0; 3 D Jones, 13-1-0; 4 J Means, Peter­bor­ough DAA, 12-14-0; 5 P Jayes, Le­ices­ter, 12-8-0; 6 S Plant, Notts, 11-1-0. Qual­i­fiers: J Means, S Northrop and G Wel­ton


Warks Avon, Bar­ford (30 pegs) In-form Paul Caswell won his sec­ond match of the week on the river with 28-5-0 made up of seven chub and around 200 dace and roach on whip and wag­gler with mag­got from a swim above Bar­ford Bridge. Sec­ond-placed Colin Tal­bot on peg 62 used the same tac­tics for 20-11-0.

Re­sult: 1 P Caswell, Sen­sas WB Clarke, 28-5-0; 2 C Tal­bot, Match Box, 20-11-0; jt3 M Hamil­ton, Bar­ford AA and L Ashby, Ban­bury, both 14-6-0; jt5 P King, Sen­sas Port­way and C Har­ri­son, At­tle­bor­ough, both 13-0-0.


River Yare, Lan­g­ley – Clax­ton (48 pegs) Pre­ston In­no­va­tions man Dave Reeve lifted the sil­ver­ware from peg 46, tak­ing 28-2-0 of fish to well over 1lb on long pole and mag­got or caster. Team-mate Will Freeman was next at peg 95 with 21-6-0 of roach, opt­ing for the feeder with mag­got.

Re­sult: 1 D Reeve, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions, 28-2-0; 2 W Freeman, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions, 21-6-0; 3 T An­der­son, Daiwa An­gling Di­rect, 18-8-0; 4 T Gibbons, Nor­wich DAA, 17-10-0; 5 J Tay­lor, Sen­sas Mark One, 15-8-0; 6 P Ab­bott, Deben, 15-2-0.


Moat Pool (38 pegs) Af­ter tak­ing a mas­sive weight ear­lier in the week, Andy Whitehouse won Sun­day’s open with 204-6-0 from peg 53 on the outer. The Scun­thorpe man fished long pole and pel­let shal­low for carp to 11lb. Steve Clark on peg 2 was just a carp adrift on 203-8-0 of fish to 9lb plus skim­mers on long pole and bomb with pel­let.

Re­sult: 1 A Whitehouse, Scun­thorpe, 204-6-0; 2 S Clark, Mans­field, 203-8-0; 3 P Miles, Rother­ham, 173-5-0; 4 P El­liott, Leegem An­gling, 165-2-0; 5 N Stones, Daiwa Hallcroft, 124-0-0; 6 S Mar­shall, Leegem An­gling, 122-6-0. River Trent, Burton-on-Trent (55 pegs) A ris­ing Trent fished well and top weight went to John Harper with 13-7-0 off peg 30. John caught qual­ity roach and dace, first on the whip and later on wag­gler with mag­got. Sec­ond was Adey Reynolds with 12-8-0 from peg 15 on Sher­ratt’s, mainly roach on mag­got and hemp at 14.5m.

Re­sult: 1 J Harper, Coors AC, 13-7-0; 2 A Reynolds, Quorn, 12-8-0; 3 S Powlowski, Shake­speare Bait-Tech, 12-2-0; 4 T Bunting, Quorn, 11-10-0; 5 M Halksworth, DH An­gling, 11-4-0.


Lar­ford Lakes, Match & Spec­i­men Lakes (45 pegs) SPRO rod Perry Stone topped this char­ity event with 159-5-0 off peg 32 on the Match Lake, fish­ing Method feeder and pel­let and then pel­let in the edge to net carp and a few F1s. Sec­ond was Sam Shar­rock with 143-13-0 off peg 18 on the Spec­i­men Lake, carp and skim­mers on bomb and pel­let.

Re­sult: 1 P Stone, SPRO, 159-5-0; 2 S Shar­rock, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 143-13-0; 3 P Cook, Fren­zee, 97-8-0; 4 R Law­son, Ma­trix To­tal An­gling, 94-15-0; 5 M Black­more, Gar­bolino, 79-11-0; 6 B Clark, Colmic, 79-3-0.


River Yare, Lan­g­ley - Clax­ton (68 pegs) Draw­ing the same peg 114 he won off the week be­fore, Rod­ney Finch gave a re­peat per­for­mance with 22-8-0 of skim­mers and a few bream on ground­bait feeder with worm and caster. Wayne An­der­son was sec­ond with 20-8-0 of the same on the feeder at peg 98.

Re­sult: 1 R Finch, Deben, 22-8-0; 2 W An­der­son, Daiwa An­gling Di­rect, 20-8-0; 3 S New­man, Daiwa An­gling Di­rect, 18-12-0; 4 M Mur­doch, SPRO, 18-4-0; 5 M Haver­son, Daiwa An­gling Di­rect, 17-4-0; 6 J Coote, Cole­man’s Bait & Tackle, 16-6-0.


River Trent, Holme Marsh (55 pegs) Matt Grindle won this with 54-6-0 of bream and skim­mers off peg 32 as the fan­cied early num­bers fail­ing to pro­duce. The Glouces­ter an­gler fished ground­bait feeder and worm. Re­sult: 1 M Grindle, Glouces­ter, 54-6-0; 2 R Wood, Derby, 26-15-0; jt3 J Mills, Work­sop and J Whitehouse, Sen­sas North, both 11-8-0; 5 S Fry, Gar­bolino, 9-0-0; 6 A Henry, Shi­mano/Dy­na­mite Baits, 8-7-0. Qual­i­fiers: M Grindle, J Mills and J Whitehouse


Molands Mere & Lit­tle Geary’s Pools (51 pegs) Lit­tle Geary’s Pool pro­duced the top three and John Lowe won off peg 25 with 72-14-0 of F1s and a

few carp on the pel­let wag­gler. Ray Dur­rant at peg 11 took sec­ond on sim­i­lar tac­tics with 60-0-0.

Re­sult: 1 J Lowe, Tor­na­does AC, 72-14-0; 2 R Dur­rant, Packington Vets, 60-0-0; 3 R Quin­ney, Packington, 56-13-0; 4 R Sav­age, Lane’s Bait, 54-6-0.


High, Canal & Ex­ten­sion Pools (70 pegs) Steve John­son led the way at High Pool peg 46, tak­ing F1s to 2lb on pel­let shal­low down the mid­dle at 6m for 155-1-0.

Re­sult: 1 S John­son, Tun­nel Barn Farm Vets, 155-1-0; 2 S Stokes, Tun­nel Barn Farm Vets, 109-5-0; 3 D Atkins, Tun­nel Barn Farm Vets, 107-3-0; 4 I Mills, Tun­nel Barn Farm Vets, 101-13-0; 5 M Davies, Tun­nel Barn Farm Vets, 99-10-0; 6 D Kinger­lee, Tun­nel Barn Farm Vets, 99-9-0.


Fal­con Lake (36 pegs) This pro­lific lake was in top form, venue reg­u­lar Mick Stamp win­ning with 229-4-0 of F1s to 2lb from peg 26 where he caught on pel­let shal­low at 5m. Rick Twed­dle on peg 46 was sec­ond with 161-8-0 of F1s.

Re­sult: 1 M Stamp, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions, 229-4-0; 2 R Twed­dle, West­wood Lakes, 161-8-0; 3 J Kedzier­ski, West­wood Lakes, 152-8-0; 4 J Gooden, West­wood Glam­our Boys, 142-6-0.

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