Feed­ing ad­vice for au­tumn?

Gaug­ing how many fish are in the swim is key to suc­cess

Angling Times (UK) - - TIPS & TACTICS - Carl Mc­Connell, Fylde

HOW should I change my feed­ing for au­tumn? I’m fish­ing a com­mer­cial for carp, F1s and skim­mers.

DRA­MATIC tem­per­a­ture fluc­tu­a­tions can trig­ger changes in how fish feed on com­mer­cials, but if the cool-down is grad­ual, as is cur­rently the case, then these changes should be much slower and you can still feed a rea­son­able amount of bait. How­ever, dump­ing in pots of bait on the pole or blast­ing in pouches of loose­feed won’t bring much of a re­sponse. Feed needs to be in­tro­duced more pre­cisely to keep the bites com­ing. Pel­lets and corn are the two best baits for au­tumn carp, but go easy at the start with just half a large cup if fish­ing the pole or a cou­ple of pouch­fuls on the wag­gler. Whereas in sum­mer you could reg­u­larly top up the peg, at this time of year you need to judge how many fish are in the swim and what size they are. Un­der no cir­cum­stances should you pile the feed in to make some­thing hap­pen! Pre­ci­sion is vi­tal as the fish won’t be wan­der­ing about too much look­ing for a meal. On the pole, line up your feed­ing with a marker so you know it’s go­ing in the same place ev­ery time. Re­mem­ber - feed to your bites. The more you are get­ting means the more that can be fed!

“Pel­lets and corn are the two best baits for au­tumn carp, but go easy at the start”

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