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My think­ing around hook­baits has changed some­what this year, with a few more op­tions added to my ar­moury.

My start­ing point is to al­ways ‘match the hatch’ and fish the same on the hair as what I’m feed­ing. Even so, one hook­bait that rarely lets me down is a big 12mm Robin Red hard pel­let, es­pe­cially at Bod­ding­ton.

I think there are two rea­sons why it works so well. First, size. At 12mm it really stands out among the loose of­fer­ings and gives the carp some­thing they can really home in on. Sec­ond, colour. Many com­mer­cials are coloured, and I have al­ways felt red is highly vis­i­ble in coloured wa­ter.

The new kids on the block when it comes to bomb and pel­let fish­ing are Ringers Wafters. I have en­joyed great suc­cess with two 8mm Pel­let Wafters on a size 10QM1 hook, which bal­ances them per­fectly. Then there’s the bril­liant 10mm Or­ange Wafter. I have no idea why this works so well on the bomb over pel­lets but be­lieve me, it does! An­other an­gler tipped me off about their ef­fec­tive­ness in this sit­u­a­tion and he wasn’t wrong!

If you’re strug­gling for a bite on the bomb, or if carp are there and you aren’t catch­ing them, try an Or­ange Wafter on the hair. You might be sur­prised at the re­sults.


When us­ing bomb and pel­let tac­tics I have al­ways caught a lot of carp by fish­ing just past my feed.

I be­lieve that on pres­sured wa­ters carp sit a lit­tle way off the main loosefed area, mov­ing in and out and pick­ing up free of­fer­ings as they do so.

To take ad­van­tage of this I cast the bomb around 5m past the loose­feed. How­ever, to give my hook­bait a bit of ex­tra at­trac­tion I also to have a rod set up with an Im­pact Bomb on.

These bombs are de­signed to hold a few wet­ted-down mi­cro pel­lets which then ex­plode off the lead on im­pact with the wa­ter and give my hook­bait that bit more pulling power.

Steve lifts into a carp tempted on a Choco­late Or­ange Wafter.

Choco­late Or­ange and Pel­let Wafters.

Im­pact Bombs hold just enough pel­lets to at­tract a carp.

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