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IT CAN be a tricky busi­ness get­ting your pel­lets to stick cor­rectly to a Method feeder, and not get stuck in a mould.

It’s very easy to get wrong, but fol­low my sim­ple guide and you’ll get it right ev­ery time. The ideal sce­nario is to have your feed stay on the feeder un­til it hits the bot­tom. Then it can break down in a small pile and ex­pose the hook­bait.

If the bait breaks up when the feeder lands it will dis­perse over too wide an area. If you get a bite within eight sec­onds of cast­ing in, your mix is break­ing up too quickly!

7 Press the but­ton at the back to re­lease. The layer of ground­bait stops bait stick­ing in the mould.

4 Take a pinch of mixed ground­bait (slightly damp) and put it on the base of a mould.

6 Add an­other layer of pel­lets to fill the rest of the mould. Press the back of the feeder into the mould.

1 Soak 2mm mi­cro pel­lets in wa­ter in one of the new Preston Pel­let Wet­ters for two min­utes.

3 I’d also mix some ground­bait up, my favourite be­ing Sonubaits Su­per­crush Ex­pander.

5 Add a layer of pel­lets to the mould, then your hook­bait, at­tached on a short hook­length.

2 Re­move and put the pel­lets in a tub. Add a small scoop of Sonubaits Stiki Pel­let and mix well.

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