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Brown­ing match man and venue ex­pert James Hall: Tackle: “On the day I fished with two main rigs – one on the deck and an­other shal­low. The carp, F1s and gold­fish feed con­fi­dently on pel­let here so both my rigs were banded for 6mm and 4mm pel­lets, al­though a lasso can work equally just as well.”

Baits: “For the ses­sion I fed 4mm and 6mm pel­lets and al­ter­nated be­tween the two in the band. My on-the-deck rig started with a 6mm hook­bait and I fed 4mm oéer­ings, while up in the wa­ter I fed 4mm pel­lets and fished a 4mm oéer­ing on the hook. Late in the day I fed and fished 6mm pel­lets down the edge. Corn and meat will work too.” Tac­tics: “The plan was to fish the deck rig on a top-2 plus two sec­tions and fish shal­low over this as the fish came up in the wa­ter. All the while I fed 4mm pel­lets via a cat­a­pult to keep the fish there. If they stopped show­ing shal­low I could switch back to the deck rig over loose oéer­ings. Later on I’d fish down the edge to try and pick up a big­ger fish.”

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