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THE dis­tinc­tive ‘plop’ as the Deeper Pro+ hits the water might just be the sound of progress.

This col­lec­tion of cut­tingedge tech­nol­ogy, all bun­dled up in a sleek, tennis ball-sized orb, is the 21st cen­tury marker float.

As it bobs on the sur­face, Deeper’s in­built Wi-Fi trans­mit­ter con­nects to your Ap­ple or Android phone and beams back live data of what’s be­neath it.

Map­ping a swim be­comes less about guesswork and more about the abil­ity to cre­ate a full and ac­cu­rate over­view of ev­ery­thing in your swim. It’s qui­eter and quicker than a marker float, too.

The Deeper Pro+ weighs just 3.5oz and trans­mits the water depth and tem­per­a­ture and the lay­out of the lakebed (in­clud­ing weed and other ob­struc­tions) back to a com­pat­i­ble phone or tablet us­ing the free and in­tu­itive Deeper app.

All this is done with­out us­ing a sin­gle penny of phone data, as the Deeper cre­ates its own Wi-Fi net­work.

Imag­ine see­ing a show­ing fish in your swim, but not know­ing what sort of fea­ture it was over. Sling­ing a marker float to the spot could risk ru­in­ing your chance of a quick bite, but the stealthy Deeper will tell you all you need to know in sec­onds, al­low­ing you to tai­lor your rig ac­cord­ingly.

An­other op­tion, if you own a fish­ing pole or long bait­ing pole, is to at­tach the Deeper to the end of it on a short piece of line to sweep close-in ar­eas quickly and accurately.

If sim­ply cast­ing the de­vice to spe­cific ar­eas (or at­tach­ing it to a boat) is more up your street, then the Deeper Pro+ can trans­mit to your phone from up to 100m away and at depths down to 260ft.

With a 5½ hour bat­tery life and a two-hour recharge time, the Deeper Pro+ is a real work­horse that could rev­o­lu­tionise your fish­ing.

The float­ing Deeper Pro+ can be cast up to 100m.

De­tailed imaging of the lakebed and other fea­tures is not a prob­lem.

Ev­ery­thing the Deeper Pro+ sees is trans­mit­ted back to a phone or tablet.

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