Are worms bet­ter than mag­gots?

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WHEN would worms work over mag­gots for chub?

Den­nis Cliffe, Rom­sey

IN CLEAR wa­ter, small baits such as mag­gots, cast­ers, worms or bread are rel­a­tively in­con­spic­u­ous and nat­u­ral-look­ing to the fish and al­low you to use small hooks and light lines. A piece of soft bread flake wrapped around a size 16 or 14 hook is a killer bait.

When the river is well coloured, the fish will of­ten feed by scent and smell. Then, cheesep­a­ste, whole lob­worms or hal­ibut pel­lets and smelly boilies rule the roost. All give off an aroma that chub will home in on. Bait size is unim­por­tant – chub will find it!

Take a well-stocked bait bag and be pre­pared to change baits if your first choice fails. Switch­ing from a boilie to a worm can trig­ger a re­ac­tion on coloured rivers, as can chang­ing from bread to mag­gots in clear wa­ter.

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