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THE Method and Banjo are my favourite feed­ers for carp, but there are times when a pel­let feeder works just as well as, if not bet­ter, than ei­ther.

A pel­let feeder cre­ates a tight pile of bait on the bot­tom, right next to the frame rather than on it, as with a Method. In deep wa­ter, pel­lets hold in­side this type of feeder for longer than on a frame feeder, where the en­tire bait is ex­posed to the wa­ter as soon as it lands. So when­ever I’m fish­ing at depths over 7ft I use it. Fish sit in deeper wa­ter in win­ter, so it comes into play more in the cold.

The pel­let feeder is used for mi­cro pel­lets of around 2mm.

It’s im­por­tant to make the pel­lets swell up to take on a spongy tex­ture by soak­ing them in wa­ter for at least two min­utes.

I fill a pel­let feeder by cre­at­ing a cou­ple of com­pressed lay­ers of pel­lets in­side be­fore I add the hook­bait, so they push out eas­ier.

1 Start by fill­ing around a third of the feeder with the soaked pel­lets. 3 Re­peat this un­til two-thirds to three-quar­ters of the feeder is full. 5 Ap­ply a fi­nal gen­tle press with your fin­ger or palm of the hand. 2 Press down gently on the layer with your fin­ger but not too hard. 4 Add your hook­bait, then a fi­nal layer of pel­lets on top of this. 6 Ready for cast­ing. Pel­lets break down quickly to ex­pose your bait.

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