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The weather and the clar­ity of the wa­ter will de­cide how well you catch off bot­tom. My aim is to start on the deck and then keep hav­ing a look shal­low as the con­stant loose­feed be­gins to take ef­fect. How shal­low to go will de­pend on the re­sponse of the roach but in a 5ft-deep swim I’d ex­pect to be fish­ing above half depth, per­haps even a foot deep.

In a match I think it is un­likely that a 5m line will pro­duce all day so you’ll need to go longer, but not too far. Around 11m is ideal, as this puts you in the max­i­mum depth of the lake and when you loose­feed with a cat­a­pult, the feed will still land in a tight­ish area. Fish­ing at 13m or 14.5m runs the risk of spread­ing the feed too much.

While I would want to start by catch­ing on the bot­tom, all the time I would be keep­ing a sharp eye out for line bites, a swirl on the sur­face or catch­ing the odd roach on the drop. These are all signs that the fish have come off bot­tom and mean that it’s time to change to a shal­low rig.

I’m not say­ing you will catch well im­me­di­ately. It nor­mally takes at least an hour for the fish to move up – even then, they may not feed con­fi­dently for another hour or so. In this in­stance, I would keep on feed­ing but go back on the deck for another 15 min­utes be­fore try­ing shal­low again.

On mild, cloudy days with low light lev­els I’d bet my house on catch­ing shal­low, but with high pres­sure and bright, clear weather you may need to hang on pa­tiently un­til the clos­ing stages of a match be­fore the qual­ity roach feed well enough to make a dif­fer­ence.

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