Six es­sen­tial rigs to tie for bar­bel, carp, roach and more

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FOR river bar­bel a block­end feeder puts a stream of bait in the tight­est of spots, and has caught thou­sands of bar­bel from all types of run­ning wa­ter. Mag­gots are usu­ally as­so­ci­ated with the tac­tic but pel­lets work re­ally well in coloured wa­ter.

Feeder weight is de­cided by the flow and how far you need to cast. It must be heavy enough to reach its tar­get but once it’s set­tled, it should only just hold bot­tom so that a fish that takes the bait eas­ily dis­lodges the feeder, caus­ing a big ‘drop-back’ bite on the tip. Too heavy and the feeder won’t move, the fish will feel the dis­tur­bance and drop the bait.

Pick a feeder slightly lighter than needed and then add some ex­tra lead in the form of spe­cially-made stick-on weights or a length of lead strip avail­able from DIY shops. Add a small piece at a time un­til the feeder just holds bot­tom.

Hook­lengths can vary from a short 12ins tail to a long flow­ing trace up to 4ft long. Start at around 2ft but if pos­i­tive bites are com­ing quickly and no fish are hooked, shorten this by 3in­s4ins at a time. If you get knocks but noth­ing de­vel­ops, lengthen the hook­length un­til you get hook-ups.

Leave noth­ing to chance with tackle. A ro­bust 8lb or 10lb main­line to a hook­link of 8lb is a min­i­mum, matched to a large forged hook in sizes 16 or 14. An eyed hook will al­low you to fish with a pel­let in a band or hair-rigged. Where pel­lets are con­cerned, it’s tough to beat hal­ibuts as their oily make-up of­fers more at­trac­tion in coloured wa­ter than a plain carp­style pel­let. Big is best with hook­baits, so start on an 8mm bait, work­ing up to a 12mm if small fish are a prob­lem. Into the feeder, cram a mix of pel­lets such as mi­cros, 4mm and a few 6mm of­fer­ings.

There are var­i­ous ways to at­tach the hook­length but this set-up is less likely to tan­gle than most as the hook­length is kicked away from the feeder. A block­end feeder is usu­ally as­so­ci­ated with mag­gots, but pel­lets are a great mod­ern al­ter­na­tive. Plug the ends of the feeder with ground­bait. A hal­ibut pel­let on a hair rig is hard to beat. Even in coloured wa­ter it emits a pow­er­ful, oily flavour trail, and a large one will be im­per­vi­ous to small fish. FLOW

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