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Get­ting the best from worms - un­miss­able tips!

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THERE are few more nat­u­ral baits than a worm, and they will catch ev­ery fish that swims, on all venues.

I’ve caught bream on a gin-clear Ir­ish river and 300lb of big carp

1 TWO WAYS TO HOOK THEM How you hook a worm can vary de­pend­ing on the fish you’re af­ter, and I have two main ways when fish­ing a com­mer­cial wa­ter. For carp, I take the whole worm and nick it through the head. This gives a bet­ter hookhold should I strike and miss a bite. For skim­mers, barbel and ide, though, I will cut a worm in half and then hook it through the mid­dle, al­low­ing the juices to leak out. 2 REDWORMS RULE FOR BREAM We all know bream love worms and that a den­dra is a good bait, but they re­ally love redworms too. These tiny worms don’t look much but they have great pulling power, even for the big­gest of fish. On a big nat­u­ral lake when fish­ing the feeder I’d use two redworms. I’d hook one and then push it up the hook shank be­fore hook­ing the sec­ond, leav­ing it rest­ing on the bend to al­low the max­i­mum amount of hook­point to show. from the edge on them, but there’s a lot more to fish­ing with worms than just chop­ping them up and stick­ing one on the hook. Here are my five top worm tips, no mat­ter where you’re fish­ing this week…

3 HOW FINE TO CHOP? Chopped worm is a bril­liant feed, but how long you spend with the scis­sors de­pends on the size of fish you are aim­ing to catch. Big carp and tench need only a rough chop with the scis­sors to cre­ate larger pieces, but the op­po­site ap­plies for small skim­mers and roach. In this in­stance I will chop the worms al­most into a ‘soup’ of fine­lyminced pieces.

4 CRE­ATE A WORM CLOUD Chopped worm and caster isn’t just good for fish­ing on the bot­tom – it can be deadly when tar­get­ing carp and F1s up in the wa­ter. In this sit­u­a­tion, don’t throw away the soil that the worms come in, as this will help you cre­ate a su­per fishat­tract­ing cloud. I rid­dle the soil off but keep it to hand and then chop the worms. The soil goes through the rid­dle to re­move any big lumps and is then added back to the worms. Throw in some casters and you’ve got a su­per slop to feed with a small pot on the pole.

5 BIG BAITS FOR THE EDGE If you’re af­ter the big­ger carp when fish­ing the mar­gins on a com­mer­cial, big baits re­ally are best – and that cer­tainly ap­plies to worms. One den­dra is not big enough and while two are good, I would have no qualms about fish­ing three whole worms on a large size 12 hook. This is a real mouth­ful that smaller fish will strug­gle to take, but a dou­ble­fig­ure carp will gulp it down without a sec­ond thought.

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