Six of the best sub-£50 feeder reels re­vealed.

Qual­ity needn’t come at sky-high prices W

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ITH so many dif­fer­ent types, styles and prices of reel to choose from it can be dif­fi­cult to pick the right tool for the job, es­pe­cially if you’re look­ing for a bar­gain.

This week Angling Times show­cases six of the very best mod­els for un­der £50, suit­able for gen­eral-pur­pose feeder and straight lead tac­tics.

All-round re­li­a­bil­ity and dura­bil­ity are es­sen­tial, and there


Price: £49.99 A com­pact, graphite-bod­ied reel with a lighteweight, en­hanced ro­tor.

Geared-down re­trieve gives higher winding power, and the front drag makes it per­fect for use with the braided main­line that is so of­ten re­quired for feeder fish­ing at range.

The clutch goes from locked up tight to loose with just one full turn, and can be ad­justed dur­ing the fight with ease, thanks to its er­gonomic de­sign.

Winding smooth­ness comes from four ball-bear­ings. needs to be enough winding power to cope with the stress of repet­i­tive cast­ing and re­triev­ing.

A good os­cil­la­tion giv­ing a flat line-lay for long, smooth casts is also key. Ideally, a feeder reel should have a body size of 3000 and up­wards, de­pend­ing on the type of rod and cast­ing weight you in­tend us­ing. You also need a smooth drag sys­tem which is easy to set and can be in­stantly ad­justed when play­ing a big fish.


Price: £39.95 A high-spec but af­ford­able reel for all-round feeder fish­ing, able to tame big fish thanks to its nine ball-bear­ings and re­li­able rear drag.

It comes with an al­loy spool and two spare com­pos­ite spools, all hold­ing 100m of 6lb-12lb line with­out ex­tra back­ing. Ex­cel­lent line lay leads to bet­ter cast­ing.

Spools have a small re­cess for the supplied rub­ber line ID but­tons and a small in­den­ta­tion for the ini­tial se­cur­ing knot on to the in­side of the spool, fur­ther im­prov­ing line lay.


Price: £34.99 Com­pact body, ef­fort­less winding, and a front drag that can be ad­justed pre­cisely dur­ing the fight.

The 3000-size reel car­ries 250m of 0.23mm mono and comes with a spare graphite spool.

The main spool boasts a line­friendly alu­minium line clip which the ma­jor­ity of reels in this price bracket lack, al­though the spare spool fea­tures the more com­mon plas­tic clip.

All-black colour­ing gives the reel a mod­ern ‘on-trend’ look.


Price: £44.99 ‘Qual­ity per­for­mance at an af­ford­able price’ sums up this lat­est reel in the Agility fam­ily.

You get a clas­sic matt black body and an­odised alu­minium spools. Within a graphite body and me­tal side cover are 6 + 1 stain­less bear­ings, multi-disc drag and oneway clutch with in­stant anti-re­verse.

Two shal­low spools each hold 242m of 0.18mm (3lb) line and there’s also a deeper spool for thicker lines, ca­pa­ble of hold­ing 178m of 0.28mm (10lb) mono.


Price: £39.99 A mod­ern, front drag, com­pact and light­weight reel with fold­ing han­dle and stain­less steel shaft.

In­cluded as stan­dard are FRS, mono-friendly line clip, Free-Flow al­loy spool, in­stant re­sponse clutch and ad­di­tional spool.

The 3000 is ideal for pel­let wag­gler work, run­ning smoothly on five bear­ings, while a bal­anced ro­tor os­cil­la­tion sys­tem keeps ev­ery­thing on the level when the reels are un­der stress from play­ing heavy­weight fish.


Price: £49.99 The front drag Shi­mano Sedona has the light M-Com­pact body and Varispeed os­cil­la­tion sys­tem for ex­cel­lent line-lay and im­proved cast­ing, even with thicker lines.

High qual­ity bear­ings are more of­ten as­so­ci­ated with hgher-priced reels. Other fea­tures in­clude Dyna-Bal­ance and Shi­mano’s Su­per Stop­per II sys­tem which re­duces han­dle play with the anti-re­verse ac­ti­vated. The Power Roller on the bail-arm also has a spe­cial pro­file to re­duce line twist.

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