How do I ship out a small pot?

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HOW can I feed on a com­mer­cial with a small pot on the long pole with­out spilling the con­tents as I ship the pole out? Mau­rice Spell­ing, Worces­ter

AT THIS time of year, you cer­tainly need to feed less than you would in the height of sum­mer on com­mer­cials.

A small pot clipped on to the top kit of your pole is the an­swer, but you do need to be care­ful to avoid spillage as you ship out.

There are a few things you can try. Smooth ship­ping is key, and a cor­rectly-po­si­tioned pole be­hind you will help. An­other way is to use damp pel­lets and gently push them into the pot so that they Use a lid­ded pot so the con­tents stay put un­til you de­lib­er­ately tap them out.

stick. A few gen­tle taps when you have shipped out, and the pel­lets will be re­leased.

Most im­por­tantly, use a pot with a holed lid like the one shown. The lid will pre­vent your feed from jump­ing out as you move the pole through your hands.

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