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1 You don’t need to spend a for­tune on lure fish­ing kit. A small 30-40 size fixed-spool reel and good 5g-20g lure rods can be had for less than £50. Choose a rod around 8ft long. Braid is much eas­ier to cast, gives bet­ter ‘feel’ of the lure and is far stronger than ny­lon. A spool of 8lb-15lb braid is a worth­while in­vest­ment.

2 When cast­ing and re­triev­ing the lure fast a wire trace is es­sen­tial as it is highly likely that you will pick up some pike along the way.

3 I like to give each swim no more than 10 casts, fan­ning them out to cover the wa­ter. Don’t ig­nore open wa­ter, where some of my big­gest fish have been caught.

4 An hour at dawn or dusk is bet­ter than eight hours dur­ing the day. If you must fish in the mid­dle of the day, look for wa­ter shaded by bridges, overhanging trees and un­der­cut banks.

5 If the perch are fol­low­ing but not tak­ing the lure, speed up the re­trieve. Our nat­u­ral re­ac­tion is to slow down and let the fish catch up with the lure, but re­sist this.

6 Carry a small range of lures in sev­eral dif­fer­ent colours, from bright green to dark brown.

7 Mix up your re­trieve. Some days the perch want a lure fished on the bot­tom, on oth­ers they are well up in the wa­ter.

8 Look for venues with cray­fish and lots of sil­ver­fish. Big perch need plenty of grub, and these are a good pointer to their pres­ence.

9 I have caught big perch on tiny lures, but if you are strug­gling to get through the small fish, put on a big­ger lure. You will catch fewer but bet­ter fish on a 4ins or even a 5ins lure.

10 Re­turn with baits. Lures will check out a venue’s po­ten­tial but some­times you’ll catch more fish on worms or small live­baits, so don’t be a one-method an­gler.

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