Which rigs for canals?

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WHERE­ABOUTS on a canal should I be look­ing to fish at this time of year?

Dale Wilkins, Coven­try

MOST small canals fol­low the same con­tours, with a slope either side and a flat­tish, deeper sec­tion along the mid­dle known as the boat chan­nel.

Ide­ally, as the weather starts to cool down, you want to be fish­ing in the deep­est part of the canal. How­ever, this might not mean right along the mid­dle. If there is still a fair amount of boat traf­fic on your cho­sen canal,

you’ll be best off plumb­ing the depth care­fully and pole fish­ing at the far edge of the cen­tre chan­nel, just where the bot­tom starts to slope up. Here the wa­ter is likely to be around 4ft deep.

Qual­ity fish such as perch and bream will be here, as well as big­ger roach. As the day wears on, though, there is a good chance that many fish

will make their way into the shal­lower wa­ter up the far shelf, es­pe­cially on warm days. Look for a depth of 2ft-3ft here.

The an­swer is to have two rigs set up – one for the deep­est wa­ter at the base of the far slope and one for the top of the slope.

Feed and fish the deeper wa­ter first and try the shal­lower rig later.

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