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Q I want to keep bait go­ing in till Christ­mas. My 12-acre lake holds 80 or so fish. How much should I pre­bait with, and how of­ten? A First of all, you need to be us­ing a boilie that is di­gestible in low tem­per­a­tures and has a proven win­ter track record, such as Main­line’s Cell. The stock level of your lake isn’t that high, so you

won’t need to pile it in.

Pro­vided you’ve lo­cated an area that the fish fre­quent in win­ter and you can in­tro­duce it two or three times a week you should be able to get the fish used to find­ing a reg­u­lar food source. How­ever, you still want them to be hun­gry when you fish for them, so fill­ing it in isn’t nec­es­sar­ily ben­e­fi­cial.

I’d use more in good con­di­tions or if I saw fish mov­ing, as ac­tive carp burn more en­ergy which will need to be re­placed. There is also the ef­fect of other an­glers to con­sider. If you are the only one bait­ing then you may need to use more than you would if oth­ers are fish­ing the venue. I’d sug­gest a cou­ple of ki­los two or three times a week, with a view to putting more in when they are likely to be hav­ing it. I hope that helps. Matt Ea­ton, Greys & Gard­ner Tackle

Use an eas­ily di­gestible bait, in mod­er­a­tion.

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