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Sci­en­tific name: Abramis brama

ID: A deep-bod­ied fish species, bream start their life as sil­ver coloured fish (of­ten known as skim­mers) and as they ma­ture they turn a stun­ning bronze/brown colour.

Where to find them: Bream live in most rivers, lakes and canals. On still­wa­ters (in­clud­ing com­mer­cials) look for a flat-bot­tomed area in deeper wa­ter where they can feed eas­ily in large shoals. River bream are usu­ally found in the edge of the cur­rents where the main flow meets the slower wa­ter. For canals, you need to find the big, wide ar­eas such as turn­ing bays.

Bream have a pro­trud­ing mouth which al­lows them to dig deep into the bot­tom silt in search of their favourite foods, and they will eat al­most any­thing in­clud­ing blood­worm, snails, and other in­sects.

Favourite baits: Any­thing yel­low like corn, dyed meat, boilies and pel­lets seems to be read­ily picked up by bream, plus baits which mimic their nat­u­ral feed like dead red mag­gots and den­drobaena worms.

Best time to catch: Spring and early au­tumn are best, but bream do feed all year around.

Record weight: 22lb 11oz – now that’s mas­sive (we’d be happy to catch them above 4lb!)

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