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SWEET­CORN A bril­liant bait in clear wa­ter, bream can’t fail to spot it. Vary the size of grains you use – the bigger the fish, the bigger the hook­bait you can use.

MI­CRO PEL­LETS These tiny baits will keep bream grub­bing around in your swim for ages.

CAST­ERS Cast­ers are a sta­ple feed for ei­ther loose­feed­ing or mix­ing into your ground­bait when bream fish­ing. They’re a deadly hook­bait too.

MAG­GOTS For some rea­son skim­mers seem to hang on to a live mag­got bet­ter than a dead and you’ll find you fewer less bites on them.

CHOPPED WORM This is a great bait for in­tro­duc­ing a lot of fish-at­tract­ing flavour into the wa­ter with­out hav­ing to feed too much bait. An inch-long piece of chopped worm also makes a great hook­bait.

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